Pinnacle Perfecta DHC7 Tournament Class Casting Rod and Producer LTE Casting Reel Review

Pinnacle Perfecta DHC7 Tournament Class Casting Rod and Producer LTE Casting Reel Review We had the opportunity to use the new Pinnacle Perfecta DHC7 Tournament Class Casting Rod and Producer LTE Casting Reel. Here's our impressions.


Perfecta 7 and Producer LTE

The Pinnacle Perfecta 7 and Producer LTE

Back in July, Glenn May asked if I would be interested in helping out one of Bass Resource’s sponsors by putting their latest casting rod and reel through its paces and then writing a review. 
I immediately said yes and was excited to learn I was getting the opportunity to use the new Pinnacle Perfecta DHC7 Tournament Class Casting Rod and Producer LTE Casting Reel. I have never owned any Pinnacle gear, but since they’ve come on board as a sponsor here, I have been reading quite a bit about their gear. Everything I’ve seen seems to be very positive indicating to me that this is a company dedicated to doing things right. I was curious and anxious to get this gear and go fishing. 


Pinnacle offers the Perfecta DHC7 Tournament Class Casting Rod in four models. I chose the DHC7 – 731-CAH.  It’s a 7-foot, 3-inch heavy fast action stick, rated for 12- to 25-pound line and 3/8- to 1 ¼-ounce lures. As for techniques, Pinnacle presents this rod as a spinnerbait/frog/casting worm/casting jig/buzzbait rod. I was immediately impressed by the high quality build of this rod. 
There is quite a bit of science behind the design and it looks, feels and fishes accordingly. This tournament-grade rod features a Double Helical Blank construction for increased strength and sensitivity and reduced rod weight. The micro guides are quality Fuji Titanium-SIC Tangle-Free K-Guides which I found to make casting and retrieving very smooth. 
The low-profile Fuji ACS reel seat feels solid and comfortable. These rods have a split-grip, high-density EVA handle that is great in all weather conditions and feels good in my hand. There is an open-end style hook keeper down in the split grip. I prefer this location rather than up forward of the reel seat as this spot safely positions your bait out of harm’s way as you switch from rod to rod. This rod is easily one of the finest fresh water bass rods I’ve ever had the pleasure of fishing.  


The Producer LTE reel (model PRD10LTE) has a right hand retrieve with a 6.2:1 retrieve gear ratio, nine ball bearings, a line capacity of 10 lbs. at 140 yards and 12 lbs. at 120 yards. It weights a mere 5.75 ounces. Yes, you read that right. This reel is designed around a strong lightweight durable X-Bone carbon frame and has REFS carbon side plates. When you read that, it sounds like a plastic reel but it doesn’t feel or fish like it. More on that a little later. 

Siebert Jig with a Rage Craw Trailer

Siebert Jig with a Rage Craw Trailer

The reel’s nine ball bearing design, Duralumin spool and drive train results in a smooth and powerfully capable retrieve experience that I found to be a pleasure to use. It has strong multi-stack drag system and I really like the audible click star drag which makes adjustments up or down easy to track.  Besides the traditional mechanical cast control, the externally adjustable, 20-point magnetic cast control is very effective in helping dial up my casting adjustments. It was simple to initially set up and once I got a feel for the reel, adjustments were made easily and with confidence. Although there was never a need for me to go into the reel, the quick release side covers do make that very convenient.  


So that’s the tackle’s basic information. In order to do an honest review, I deliberately did not read about the rod or the reel construction, specifications or components prior to receiving it. I did not want to have any preconceived images in advance to getting on the water. I wanted to simply get the gear and go fishing. After I’d had a chance to complete my evaluation, I went back and looked at the specs to see if my results reflected the advertised performance. Without getting too far ahead of myself – I’ll tell you that it did.


I had two months with this gear. I used two different types of line; 40 lb. Sufix 832 braid and 15 lb. Maxima Ultragreen monofilament. I fished baits and techniques that the rod is advertised to excel at including jigs, spinnerbaits, frogs, Texas-rigged plastics and 5-inch swim baits (1/2 & ¾ ounce). I fished each bait with both lines (except frogs were braid only).  I did not throw a buzzbait at all because I just don’t use them. However, I would use the rod for them if I did.  


The word versatility is often thrown around during tackle reviews. This is a heavy power, fast action casting rod. The Pinnacle engineers and Pro Staffers designed it to fish several different techniques and baits. Although I haven’t yet fished every bait known to man with it – I believe it does what it was designed to do very well. How that fits into the versatility box – I can’t really answer.


Fishing jigs and Texas rigged plastics could very well be the sweet spot for this set up. It balances nicely in my hand.  The overall lightness of the rig makes bottom feel and bite detection excellent. The Perfecta 7’s length, action and design make for true bone jarring hook sets and serious fish moving power when needed; especially with braid. This is a real confidence builder when a beefy motivated bass is doing everything she can to win her freedom – not happening. I found the rod handle to be a good length for fighting fish. I’m a “stick the pole in my gut” angler and this worked very well with the “P7”. When fishing a frog, the rod has a nice tip to both cast and then work/walk the bait effectively. 


Pinnacle rod and reel

The rod and reel proved no match for this fiesty lunker.

At 7-foot, 3-inches this P7 is not the stick I would use to target cast a spinnerbait – a little too long for me. So all my spinnerbait presentations (and swim baits also) were made in open water over and around deep weed lines. With both braid and mono the rod and the reel Produced Perfectly. See what I did there?


I never threw any baits over or under the P7’s rated lure weights.  The ½- to 1-ounce offerings I used were launched quite nicely. Casting was consistent and accurate. I found the Producer LTE to be very effective when presenting moving baits; meaning that the reel’s gearing is not a distraction. I rather like that. Something I have yet to mention is the Producer LTE comes standard with high density EVA reel handle grips.  This is the first casting reel I’ve used with this feature. It took a day or two to get used to the grips, but I like them. They’re comfortable, secure and non-slip.


Now let’s talk about price point. The Pinnacle Perfecta DHC7 Tournament Class Casting Rods were designed by Pinnacle pro staffers Dave Wolak, John Crews and Britt Myers to complement their individual fishing styles. Offering technique specific performance worthy of tour level fishing, each model represents a pro’s “personal dream stick” for a given technique.   


The newly refined, handcrafted, double helix, high modulus blanks which offer extraordinary lightweight sensitivity and strength with the precisely tuned actions serious tournament anglers need and tackle enthusiasts demand. Additionally Pinnacle offers the original owner a Limited Lifetime Warranty covering defects in workmanship and/or materials for the lifetime of the product.   That all comes at a MSRP of between $315-$342.  Like I said – this is one of the finest fresh water bass rods I ever fished and it is my new favorite jig stick.


The reel is a different story entirely. The Producer LTE has done everything I’ve asked it to do and more. I can’t speak for the reel’s durability just yet but I have been pleasantly surprised by its light weight, strength, smooth operation and overall quality performance.  Additionally, Pinnacle offers the original owner of this reel a Limited Warranty covering defects in workmanship and/or materials for a period of one year. But I haven’t even mentioned the best part – the MSRP is just 89!
Now I’ll be honest right up front and tell you that prior to this experience I would have never even considered purchasing this reel simply based on the price point alone. Years of trial and error trying to find any reel close to this price that possessed the features and performance I needed has always led to disappointment – until now. The good folks at Pinnacle have managed to design and manufacture the Producer LTE with performance and features well above its price point. That just does not happen every day. Simply put, I’m a fan.

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