The Pinnacle Producer LTE Review

The Pinnacle Producer LTE Review Check out this review of the Pinnacle Producer LTE baitcast reel. We put it to the test. Did it pass?


the Pinnacle Producer LTE

The Pinnacle Producer LTE

For the past two months, I’ve been giving a workout to Pinnacle’s lightest reel in their lineup of high-speed, low-profile reels, the Pinnacle Producer LTE. Weighing in at just 5.75 ounces, this reel falls into the featherweight category. Weight is shed by utilizing carbon fiber components for the frame and side plates, and using mostly aluminum internal components.  Despite the light weight, the X-Bone carbon frame forms a beefy foundation that keeps its inner workings in perfect alignment.

   I slapped the reel onto a sweet rod, the Pinnacle Perfecta DHC7 - 761CAMHFS 7' 6'' medium heavy rod with a moderate fast tip. It’s a lightweight rod built with high quality components.  I love the Fuji Titanium-SIC Tangle-Free K-Guides, which enable effortless casting. 

the Pinnacle Producer LTE

Pinnacle Producer LTE

   This is an excellent flipping/pitching rod with a stout butt topped with a medium-action, sensitive tip.  However I’ve been using it as a froggin’ rod, and boy let me tell you, it’s a perfect match!  The rod and reel combo enables me to cast a light frog long distances and still have the power for strong hooksets.  The gear ratio of the reel is a good combination of power and speed, which help keeps the fish above all the slop while winching him in. Of course, the 50-pound Seaguar Kanzen braided line plays a major role too!

   Along with a traditional mechanical cast control, this reel features an adjustable magnetic cast control system on the palm cover for precision cast control. I could easily fine-tune the reel to my personal preferences as I switched lures and casting techniques. Simply turn the cast control knob on the reel handle side to the desired setting, and then fine-tune with the magnetic control to compensate for wind and lure weight.

Magnetic Brakes

Magnetic Brakes

   While it wouldn’t be fair to compare this reel to more expensive reels, such as the Pinnacle Primmus Xi HS, it’s definitely a feature-packed reel for just $89.99. Key features include 9 stainless steel ball bearings (8BB+1RB), X-Bone carbon frame construction with carbon side covers, multi-stack drag system, an audible star drag, and a 6.2:1 gear ratio. The reel holds 120 yards of 12-pound test line.

   On the water, I found the reel to be smooth and responsive. With most new reels, it can take an hour or two of fishing before you have the cast controls fully dialed in. But I had this reel set perfectly within a few casts. And I didn’t find the need to mess with the controls much as I switched between lures and techniques.

Pinnacle Producer

   One thing that took getting used to was the sound the reel made during casting and retrieving. It’s a little louder than more expensive reels in my collection, but it didn’t seem to reduce performance. I believe the thinner walls of the lightweight materials just don’t muffle the gears as well; a tradeoff between weight and noise. The drag performed quite well while fighting big fish. It’s plenty strong, smooth and responsive.

   I could tell Pinnacle spent considerable time and effort perfecting the creature comforts of the reel. The curved aluminum handle along with the low profile design of the reel gave it an ergonomic comfortable feel in the palm of my hand. I like the fact that the EVA foam grips don’t feel bulky.  It’s just a more comfortable fit for me.

   In a sea of choices, the Pinnacle Producer LTE is for anyone looking to add a super lightweight baitcaster to their arsenal at an affordable price. The $89.99 price tag is hard to ignore! The reel is available in right hand retrieves and comes with a 1-year limited warranty.



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