Pinnacle Optimus XLT/ DHC5-701CAMCB Review

Pinnacle Optimus XLT/ DHC5-701CAMCB Review We tested the Pinnacle Optimus XLT and DHC5 combo. Is it right for you? Find out inside!


Optimus XLT

Optimus XLT

November, 2011 - Two months ago I acquired the new Pinnacle reel, the Optimus XLT. I selected a matching rod, the DHC5-701CAMCB which is primarily designed for jerkbaits and light crankbaits. However, this combination is much more versatile than that! I would definitely include topwater,  spinnerbaits and any "moving" application, especially small to medium weight swimbaits.
     The Optimus XLT is a work of art: X-Bone metal frame with gold titanium side covers complimented by gunmetal grey, silver and black. Sporting a gear ration of 7.3:1, the reel is smooth and fast. Inside we have 11 double-shielded stainless steel bearings. The drive gear is comprised of duralumin alloy which is 70% lighter and 20% stronger than brass.


   Braking consists of tandem cast control, both magnetic and centrifugal anti-backlash systems with external dial settings. Casting is a dream and the retrieve is exceptional. As an added bonus, the Optimus XLT features a "quick Flip" button that allows the spool to be engaged instantly.
     The reel balances perfectly with the DHC5-701CAMCB. This is a match made in heaven. The beauty of the rod simply completes the package. The rod is built with a proprietary blank featuring a beautiful heavy epoxy finish. The rod is split-grip with AAA grade cork, Fuji real seats and Alconite guides. The guides feature diamond polished stainless steel frames.
     On the water you will find the casting distance superb. The rod is forgiving yet powerful. My personal comparison of this rig is to the G.Loomis GLX MBR842C/ Core 50MG. That's been my favorite for some time, now I have two!
     I hope you consider giving the new top end Pinnacle a try. This is a great rod and reel and a very reasonable price. I intend to fish this combination extensively in the months to come and will update
 this review later.
     Good luck!

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