Pinnacle Perfecta DHC5 and Optimus XT Review

Pinnacle Perfecta DHC5 and Optimus XT Review Check out this review of the 7-foot Tournament Class Perfecta DHC5 micro guide rod, paired with the Optimus XT spinning reel


Pinnacle Optimus XT Spinning Reel

Pinnacle Optimus XT Spinning Reel

Do you know anyone looking for a spinning combo for some serious smallmouth/largemouth fishing?  I had the opportunity to try a combo from Pinnacle - their 7-foot Tournament Class Perfecta DHC5 micro guide rod, paired with the Optimus XT size 30, 5.0:1 reel, and here’s what I found.

   I thought this incredible lightweight rod was not only well balanced, but also looked great.  The rod’s construction is outstanding, with internal and external carbon spiral wraps to add strength and increase sensitivity.  The micro guides are top-quality Fuji Micro Concept guides with hard, ultra-sensitive Alconite rings.  I have never used a spinning rod with micro guides, so I thought I might have a problem with casting, but I was pleasantly surprised.  I was able to cast long distances and it delivered a level of sensitivity comparable to more expensive rods I’ve used.  I found the guides keep the line tight and close to the blank, which aids in sensitivity.  I’m looking forward to using this rod more this year to see if the micro guides help reduce fraying.  One feature I liked was the way it stored, I use rod gloves and the micro guides made it easier to cover and store. 

Micro guide on the Tournament Class Perfecta DHC5

Micro guide on the Tournament Class Perfecta DHC5

   The rod is perfect for finesse, tube, and drop-shot fishing.  The sensitivity is outstanding and it has plenty of backbone for hooking and landing big fish no matter what depth you fish. 

   I spooled the reel with 6-pound fluorocarbon.  I thought it would work great with such a nice rod in its class.  I felt the reel wasn’t the lightest reel I’ve used.  At 9.9 ounces, it was a bit heavy.  The reel has a multi disk drag system feature and an oversized line roller bearing.  The reel design makes it easy to maintain the roller bearing.  That bearing on spinning reels is often neglected, and is more than likely the most often replaced bearing in spinning gear.  The whole mechanism is just two parts - the cover and bearing, and the roller sleeve, making it easy to access and service. 

   I liked the fact that Pinnacle individually hand-tunes each reel before it leaves their facility.  Most people purchase new reels, toss them on the rod, and go, without consideration of the lubricity or brake settings, so this gives the reel optimized operation right out of the box.  I found the reel seated perfectly to the rod and handled well.  It was a comfortable fit for my hands.  The reel’s performance worked as advertised, very easy to use and I never had an issue with either casting or retrieving. 

   My only complaint is it’s a bit heavy, so using this all day could be a problem if it’s the only rod and reel you use.  That said, the reel performed well, and it looked great paired with the Tournament Class Perfecta rod

   I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good rod-reel combo for either tournament or fun fishing.  The combo is very nice looking and performs well, making this one of my new go-to rod and reel combo’s.

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