Pro-Cure Scents

Pro-Cure Scents Do scents work? We tested Pro-Cure Scents to see if it really worked. Find out the results inside.

Fishing scents, what a subject this is! They come in so many types and sizes. It makes the decision on which one to use a hard one. Then I found Pro-Cure brand fishing scents.
   The results are remarkable at times. I used the crawdad and threadfin shad sauces. With the sauces you can just apply it directly to your bait, or you can put your plastics in a zip top bag, add a small squirt to the bag, and let it soak. I let mine soak overnight, which was suggested to me. The first time I did this was with the crawdad sauce and a plastic chunk.
   The next day I was prefishing for an upcoming tournament. My partner and I set out and he didn't know what I had done to my chunks for the day. Well it turned out to be a jig bite. Just I was the only one getting bit, until I fessed up and told my partner about the Pro-Cure scents.
   We both hammered the fish on most of our spots that day. Some spots they would hit the jig and pig without Pro-Cure, but it seemed like they would hang on to the Pro-Cure bait longer. I mean I could see a scent trail for almost 1 1/2 hrs without treating the bait once.
   The only draw back is if you choose to soak them overnight is that you have to think ahead. If you don't, Pro-Cure still works well - longer than any other scent that I have used.
   This bass angler says don't leave home without Pro-Cure Scents.

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