Does The Towtector Pass Muster?

Does The Towtector Pass Muster? The Towtector is supposed to protect your boat, but does it? Our tests are revealed inside!



The Towtector Installed

Anglers who own fiberglass boats probably cringe as much as I do when encountering gravel and other debris while towing a boat at highway speeds. It is not a pleasant experience watching in the rear view mirror as gravel and debris bounces off the gelcoat finish. This is a recipe for damage. For that reason, I began to search for a way to protect my boat and trailer while motoring to and from the lake. I chose Towtector.

   I was quick to notice the quality of the product immediately after the packaging was removed from the product. The metal components are powder coated black in a very professional manner and everything you need is included. NOTE: I did have to purchase a new hitch as my current hitch did not allow enough room for the Towtector to clear the bumper.


The Towtector

   Installing the Towtector is quick and easy. It took less than five minutes to remove from the box and mount the Towtector. I used a socket and a wrench to tighten two nuts to attach the Towtector to my hitch tube and two more to attach the Towtector to the mounting assembly. That’s all it took from start to finish to install - less than five minutes!

   In addition to the highway stones and debris along the 35 miles I travel to my home lake, I have two specific locations between my driveway and boat ramp that kick up a lot of gravel.  They are where a gravel country road intersects with the highway and the gravel gets thrown out on to the highway. I have always tried to slow down as I crossed these two areas but more often than not was not paying close attention and I could not hear the truck tires throwing the stones under the truck and boat, but could see them bouncing into and over my trailer and boat. 
   Now, while I can still hear the stones bouncing into the bottom of the truck, the Towtector protects my boat. I no longer hear or see rocks hitting the boat trailer or the boat hull. Instead of the rocks shooting up toward the boat and trailer, the rocks just roll out from under Towtector at a very slow speed.   
   The Towtector just seems to kind of catch the stones and small road debris and drop it back down onto the roadway instead of rocketing towards my boat and trailer. I always thought Towtector might be something ‘nice’ to have, but now I wonder why I did not get one sooner. I will no longer trailer my prized boat without it!

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