Review of the Revo SX Gen 4 Baitcasting Reel

Review of the Revo SX Gen 4 Baitcasting Reel

Comfortable and priced right, the Revo SX Gen 4 will make a great addition to your lineup


Abu Garcia Revo SX Gen 4

Abu Garcia Revo SX Gen 4

Recently, I had the chance to try Abu Garcia’s new Revo SX Gen 4 baitcasting reel. Admittedly, I had some concerns at first.

   The Revos that I previously fished did not fit well in my hand, especially when palming them. They quickly became uncomfortable. That was not the case with this version. It felt more compact, remaining comfortable in my hand the entire time that I tested it.

   I spooled the Revo SX Gen 4 with 30-pound test Berkley FireLine Ultra 8 — it will hold about 150 yards — and mostly used it for two very different techniques: large topwater baits and jigging spoons. It handled both well.

   The Reve SX Gen 4 delivered long, smooth casts with the topwater lures. When I switched to a jigging spoon, its high-speed retrieve — it’s offered in 6.6:1 and 7.3:1 gear ratios — made quick work of gathering line while fighting bass in deep water and retrieving my spoon to make another presentation. That speed made me more efficient on the water.

   With two retrieve speeds, left- or right-hand retrieve and a price tag of about $160, the Revo SX Gen 4 is a workhorse of a reel that will please longtime Revo fans and anglers looking for their first Revo.


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