Mann's Stone Jig - Reviewed

Mann's Stone Jig - Reviewed Mike Iaconelli took this jig to the world championship and won. Will it work for you? Our results are inside.
Mann's Stone Jig

Mann's Stone Jig

This review was much anticipated by the staff here at bassdigest. We watched the Classic closely and quickly went right to what won it? Mike Iaconelli took this jig and Manns Dragin Series Swim Worm straight to the championship. We needed an up close look at these jigs.
   Initially most bass fisherman will say they fish with something like this already. What is important to note is that this jig is different. You can see that the ridges on the side are almost like a gill plate on a fish. The special color Mike used was the Delta color (shown). A good looking jig out of the box, but would it perform in regular and tournament conditions.
   The jig comes out of the package with super sharp hooks and great paint finish. A three-coat, two-tone finish gives it lifelike quality from the start. The 40+ strand skirt is a big plus. Overall packaging and quality was excellent.
   Evaluation on the water: the staff fished this jig for over a month in twenty different situations. One member swam the jig on weedlines and noted that the ¼-ounce bait was just too light for any weedline swimming deeper than 10 feet. The bait performed well in 6 feet or less, or around docks and skipping into brush. Tipped with a Chunk the bait easily found the most remote corners of trees and docks. The Delta color showed an excellent craw color and drove the bass to come out from skinny brush haunts.
   The staff had no problem catching fish with the colors that Mann's offers. The jig is truly designed to reach into areas and sneak into certain areas. We teamed the jig up with a 6'6" medium action rod and spinning reel to extend and reach into the telescoped areas.
   Overall, the winning bait from Mann's is a new twist on fishing a jig into cover and back in hard-to-reach places. It comes into place when you need to pull out those pigs tucked in little nooks. This jig applies well to this situation. The jig is effective and can call out bass.
   Drawbacks: Since we are hitting tough cover and nooks the bait hits branches, posts on docks, rocks and the paint on the head took a real beating. The jig chipped easily and took away from the two-tone color.
   When used in cover it did catch fish!

Mann's Bait Company
1111 State Docks Road
Eufala, AL 36027

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