Stors-It Have a lot of rods and don't know how to organize them? Here's our review of this storage system for multiple rod owners.

In today's competitive bass fishing circuits, every piece of equipment is vital to success. Keeping your fishing rods in top shape is crucial. Rods ranging from $80-$400 are common for hard-core bass anglers. So this month in our magazine, we take a real close look at a product that will make your trip to the lake a little more enjoyable and less frustrating.
   Stor's-It rod storage system is an excellent solution to an age old problem for bass anglers with more than one rod to transport. Tangled rods are a thing of the past with these innovative rod sleeves. They slip on in seconds, are just as easily removed and help reduce nicks and abrasions on your line, line guides and the rod as a whole. These sleeves are made of perforated vinyl that is pre-treated for mold and mildew, breathable and very durable.
   This rod saver system is inexpensive and durable. After 2 months on the water, 27 tournaments and countless times in and out of the rod locker, the Stor's-It sleeves are as solid as when they were taken out of the bag. They hold up under intense pressure and conditions and can literally save you money by extending the life of your rods.
   The Stor's-It rod sleeves come in 10 different sizes from 5'6" to 7'6" for both casting and spinning combinations.

Plusses: Great for extending life to your rods
Not a huge price tag
Great tangle free system
Rugged and durable
Minuses: You can not store crankbaits attached to rod guides inside a Stor's-It cover.
The hook will embed itself into the cover.
Drop-shot rigs may also do the same.
Overall: A great rod storage system at an excellent price.

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