The 5 Best Bass Lures

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Every bass angler MUST have these lures in his tacklebox if he wants to catch monster bass!  The best bass baits are revealed here!



Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May here with, and welcome to another edition of Hank Parker's Fishing Tips. Hank, got a great question here from Carl from Sacramento, California. And he wants to know, what four or five baits would you always have in your boat no matter what the conditions are?

Hank: Well that is a great question, and I tried to answer some previous questions about baits and choosing baits like tools, you know? If you got a toolbox, you gotta have a screwdriver. You gotta have an adjustable wrench. You've gotta have a hammer. My favorite tool of all, the hammer. So you go by what you need to get jobs done, like tools. That's the way I look at fishing, you know? You don't have to have a lot of specialized jerkbaits and those sorts of things, but you gotta have a spinnerbait. You've got to have some sort of topwater bait. You've gotta have a plastic worm. You gotta have a jig, and you've gotta have a crankbait. Those are the basics that you gotta have. You can't go without those.

So if I'm limited to five, that's gonna be the baits. I'm gonna have a plastic worm, I'm gonna have a topwater bait, I'm gonna have a spinnerbait, I'm gonna have a crankbait. And what else did I say, a jig?

Glenn: I think you said a jig, yeah.

Hank: Gotta have a jig. I don't know if I did, but let's go down the order again. First of all, gotta have a plastic worm. You gotta have a spinnerbait. You gotta have a crankbait. Gotta have a topwater bait. And you have to have a jig. Those are the five baits if I were limited to just five, that I would definitely have in my tackle box. 

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