The Best Bait for Bass Fishing

Hank Parker's Fishing Tips

If you could only have one productive lure for bass fishing, this would be it!  For many, it's the best bass fishing lure. Discover what it is in this video!



Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May here with, and welcome to another addition of "Hank Parker's Fishing Tips". Hank, this week's question, it comes from Brandon from Suffolk, Virginia. And he asked, "If you could only fish one bait for an entire season, what would it be and why?"

Hank: Well first of all, let me say I'm the guy that preaches, "Never get hung up on a bait." Don't get a favorite bait. Always look at a bait like a toolbox, you know? A plumber don't get all warm and fuzzy about his box-end wrenches, or his plumbing wrench, or his adjustable wrench, or his screwdrivers. They're tools to do a job, and that's the way I like to look at fishing lure. But if I could only use one bait and that's what I had to use for the entire year, I'd probably choose a jig. For the simple reason I can swim it, I can fish it like a spinnerbait, I can fish it deep, shallow, in between. I can do a lot with a jig.

So if I could only have one bait, and boy what a handicap that would be, Glenn, good gracious! I would probably choose a jig.

Glenn: Yeah. Yup. Absolutely. Year-round weapon right there. All right. Hey, thanks for the question, Brandon. Really appreciate that. For more tips and tricks, go to to check out all the tips and tricks and articles on there. And if you wanna be notified of the next video that we post, just subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thanks and have a great day.