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Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May, from, and I'm here with Hank Parker and his boat, with another episode of "Hank Parker's Fishing Tips." Hank, this question this week comes from Kent, from Germantown, Tennessee, and he says, "Several guys I run out with won't stop to fish deep structure, where they're not marking bait fish, even though the spot is known to hold fish. Do you spend time in these areas or do you move on?"

Hank: Good, good, good question, Kent. I like that, and yes I spend time there regardless. I know so many pros that say, "Well, I didn't see a bass on that spot, so I didn't fish it. I saw a bait pod or I found the brush and the structure, but I didn't fish it, because I did not see that bass." And for a lot of great fisherman. I mean incredible fisherman, that is their philosophy. That is not mine. That one bass that may be under that log when you go across there with your locator that you didn't see, or you weren't able to separate from the structure. That one bass may be the one bass that makes your whole day. Maybe a seven or eight pound bass in there, and you bypass it because you didn't see a bunch of fish.

I don't do that, Man. I fish that structure. If I look at it, and I'm lookin' at it on my map, and I think boy that's a good lookin' point, I'm gonna go fish it, and I'm not even gonna look for fish. I personally don't like to ping my fish. I don't like to run acrossed 'em and let 'em know I'm there. They know when you idle over top of 'em, they know you're there. I like to depend on that Lake Master map and go right to that point, and I fish it regardless of what I see.

Glenn: It makes total sense.

Hank: I'm tellin' you, you catch a lot of those big fish, and you never see 'em.

Glenn: Well, Kent, I hope that improves your fishing, and for more tips and tricks like that, visit, and you'll find a whole bunch more tips and tricks and articles that will keep you busy all day long. If you want to get notified, and the next time we post one of these tips, just subscribe to our channel. 

Thanks again for the question and have a great day.