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Glenn: Hey, folks. Glenn May here with, and welcome to another week of Hank Parker's Tips. We've been out fishing on Hank Parker Outdoor Show, taking a little break here and we're gonna answer some of your questions. Hank, this week's question comes from Mark Olive from Tennessee, and he wants to know what is your fishing strategy in the spring, particularly from pre-spawn through the spawn?

Hank: Pre-spawn through the spawn, I'm looking for fish. I have got my Solar Bat Sunglasses pulled down my hat, down tight on my head, and I am looking, I'm covering water. If I can't see the fish, then I'm looking for the bait in the shallows. If it's pre-spawn, those fish a lot of times will feed up before they go on the beds and before they spawn. But I'm really trying to find out where those fish are with my visual eyes rather than my electronic equipment. And so, I cover a lot of water in flat areas. I like to get away from the tapered banks and the flat areas is what I'm looking for, sandy or rocky. And I've got my polarized Solar Bats looking visually. 

Glenn: What's your favorite lure during that time?

Hank: There are so many variations with water temperature, with water clarity, with whether the wind's blowing. But if it's pre-spawn and I've got some off-colored water, I like to pull out a spinnerbait.

Glenn: Oh, yeah.

Hank: But if it's flat and, you know, you don't have any wind and your water's pretty clear, then I'm gonna be throwing something like a Pit Boss or swimming a little jig. I love the swimming jig in flat water instead of a spinnerbait. I fish it just like a spinnerbait, but I found when that water is clear and there's no wind, I can be more productive swimming that jig. So, sinking worms, I like to use those a lot and it cover some water when it's flat. It just really depends, and if it's early, early pre-spawn, then I like a suspending jerkbait. 

Glenn: Mm-hmm. Perfect. Great. Well, thanks, Hank. Mark, I hope that answers your question. For more tips and tricks, be sure to visit Hank Parker Outdoors. And if you wanna be notified the next time we post some of Hank’s tips, please subscribe to our channel. Until then, have a great day.