Summer Bass Fishing Tips from Hank Parker

Hank Parker's Fishing Tips

Summer bass fishing can be tough. But if you follow Hank Parker's advice on finding and catching summer bass, you'll have a better fishing day.

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Glenn: Hey, folks. Glenn May here with, and I'm here with Hank Parker, with another edition of Hank Parker's Fishing Tips. Hank, this week's question comes from Ken Godding of Akron, Ohio, and he's asked, “When summer hits, it seems all the big fish go away. How do you find and catch those bigger fish during the summer?”

Hank: Well, Ken if I knew the answer to that, I would’ve made a lot more money than what I made when I won the tournament circuit. At summertime, big fish bite is really, really hard to find. And sometimes, you can find them out there on that deepwater structure, but for the most part, you know, David Fritts was a master of just taking his depth finder and going down and getting on those creek channels and cranking and catching individual fish. It seems like those big guys don't gang up as much as the slot fish, the three and four pounders.

Once they get six, seven pounds like you catch in the spring of the year, they're kind of loners. So, Fritts won so many tournaments just throwing a crankbait, hitting a stump on the edge of a creek channel and catching one bass. It may go 500 yards before he catches another one, maybe a mile. So just covering a lot of territory looking for solo fish.

Usually, that school of fish is not gonna be a giant bass like you catch in the spring. So, it seems like those big fish are really, really tough to come by because they're loners, and they're scattered out. So you just have to cover a lot of water. Crankbait is a good way to do that.

Glenn: Excellent tip, Hank. Ken, I hope that answers your question. For more tips and tricks, visit Hank Parker Outdoors. There's lots of articles and information posted on there. And if you wanna be notified the next time we post one of Hank's tips, subscribe to our YouTube channel. Until then, have a great day.