Treble Hooks Are Not One Size Fits All

Treble Hooks Are Not One Size Fits All Always match your hooks for what you're doing. It's very, very important. Here's how.



Let me tell you what I just finished doing a few days ago. I put some oversized, really heavy hooks on a bunch of crankbaits I plan on using on my next fishing trip. Years ago, anglers were really limited on replacement hooks. It was tough to find the ideal hook combination when I was changing out treble hooks on these crankbaits.

    Those days are gone.

    Mustad makes an extra short treble hook. So now, I put a longer shank Mustad treble hook on the back of the crankbait and a short shank hook up front. Now, the hooks won't get tangled up so I can cast and cast and cast with no issue. These hooks have a big bite and are strong for getting those fish up and out of that grass.

    I prepare a box with different sized treble hooks for topwater baits, crankbaits of all different sizes – little ones and big ones – for whatever i'm doing. Let's say I'm going somewhere like Lake Michigan where I’m going be fishing for smallmouth and I really want a finesse bait in clear water. I've got my box filled with split rings. I have light split rings, heavy split rings, a split ring plier and all my different Mustad treble hooks laid out.

    If needed, I can change out the hooks from small to oversized hooks if I need to go a little bit larger. With a small bait, I want a thin wire hook. But let’s say I’m going to fish for big bass in the grass. Then, I need a heavy wire hook. So choose the right hook for the right situation.

    Then, I may need to take the hooks off of a crankbait if I decide to go smallmouth fishing in open water. I’ll certainly need to go with a lighter hook. With Mustad, I can change my hook to match the situation.

   Always match your hooks for what you're doing. It's very, very important. It will eliminate a lot of lost fish and a lot of heartache.

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