Autumn At Last

In order to find bass to catch as they make the transition from summer to fall, it is important to understand their lifestyles and habits. Try these tactics and lures when the temperatures start to cool.

Late Season Bass Tactics

Do not give up on bass too early this fall. Some of the best bass fishing of the year is still to come. Shallow cranks, spinner baits and traps will...

Catch Fish While Hunting?

Carrying a rod and reel along on a duck hunting trip may seem somewhat peculiar to some people, but it's not a bad idea if you want to get the most out of being in a duck blind for a long period of time.

McClelland’s Favorite Fall Lures

He speaks of each fall lure, and the specifics of his use of them, in the paragraphs that follow.

How Swindle Fishes Football Season

Bucks are rubbing trees, football season is at its peak ... and the bass are flat-out chewin.

How KVD Tackles Fall Bass Fishing

It's refreshingly less like the sweltering summer of August. But for bass fishermen, September sometimes lands us smack in the middle of a month of confusion.

How Iaconelli Catches Autumn Bass

Mike Iaconelli's teachings for finding and catching autumn bass are revealed here!

Fall Froggin’

Here’s advice from the best fishing pros in the business on getting the most out of your autumn frog fishing.

Football Season is Here

Many of these summertime bruisers that live in the depths will make their first appearances in the shallows since the spawn, do not let this big bass opportunity pass, football season is here!

Change Your Clocks, Change Your Tactics

Face fall and winter with big bass anticipation after reading this article!

Get Out And Fish

This fall and winter there is no reason to sit at home suffering from cabin fever. There is still plenty of great fishing to enjoy. Here's how!

When Less Is More

During the fall, flipping with lighter line can make the difference between catching a lot of fish, or just going fishing.

Unlocking Summer to Fall Transition

Following these two small tips is just a start on what any angler can do to catch more fish.

Targeting Late Fall Smallmouth

Use these tricks and techniques from Clausen, Cousvis, and VanDam to help you put more fish in the boat!

Early Fall Smallmouth

Luke Clausen, 2006 FLW Tour and Bassmaster Classic Champion, Bassmaster Elite Pro Jonathon VanDam, and Canadian smallmouth ace Nick Cousvis all share their wisdom on how to put more fish in the boat.

Chasing The Food Chain

Chase the food chain, it's an important part of fall angling, and something every angler should be aware of each and every trip to the lake.

Go Big or Go Home

Large lures can be the trick, whether searching for big bass, matching the hatch or treating yourself to the fast fishing of fall’s feeding frenzy. Here's how!

One-Two Combo for Catching Fall Bass

To land a haymaker on the bass this fall, try the horizontal-vertical combo and you might become the bass heavyweight champ.

Fall Deep Structure Fishing for Numbers and Lunkers

If you want to learn how to structure fish or if you're just looking to catch a lot of fish and maybe a lunker, late fall is hard to beat.

Flippin' Matted Grass for Late Summer Lunkers

From late summer through fall, flipping matted grass can make for outstanding shallow water fishing for big bass, even on the hottest and sunniest days of the year.

Transition Smallmouths

Smallmouth bass can be caught during fall and early winter by adapting these techniques.

Weed Fishing with Todd Faircloth

Here's how to fish matted vegetation during the dog days of summer and the hot weather of early fall.

Catching Fall Smallmouth on Northern Waters

Fall in Northern waters is a prime time to catch brown bass in the 5- to 7-pound range. Here's how!

Fall Bass on the Fly

If you don't have a fly rod, try flies on your spinning gear or even a light baitcasting outfit this fall. They flat out catch fish.

Kevin VanDam’s Three Favorite Lures for Fall

From first downs to falling leaves, autumn is indeed an awesome time of the year to catch bass chomping on baitfish, especially with three lures chosen by Kevin VanDam

Fishing Weeds for Plenty of Fall Smallmouth

Bassmaster Elite Series angler Jamie Hartman says smallmouth will use aquatic vegetation almost year-round, though not in the same way. In fall he catches them around scattered clumps, where reaction lures are best.

Punching Fall Bass

Successful punching in the weeds during fall depends on paying attention to these details.

Lead-Core Tactics For Suspended Smallmouths

Bass anglers may not look at trolling lead-core line as a preferred method for catching bass, but it's a viable alternative for locating suspended fall bass.

Fall Fishing Tactics

When you approach your fall tournaments, learn to use the changing conditions and other factors to your advantage. Very often that change can make for a winning day.

Successful Fall Bass Fishing

Fall could very well be the most exciting time of the year, and the best chance for catching trophy fish. Here's how to make the most of it.

Fall Strategies

Read this article and discover the best tools in trying to figure out where the bass are in the fall, and why they are there.

Early Fall Transition Bass Fishing Tips

Russ Lane offers the following tips for bass fishing success during the summer to fall transition period.

Mindset of a Fall Angler

Fishing ponds during the fall can be exceptionally rewarding. You just might catch the lunker of the year!

Hot Fall Fishing

Fall can be a great time to catch large numbers of bass. It is the time of year bass gorge on food getting ready for winter. It's time to go fishing!

Shallow Water Bassin' for Fast Fall Action

While your buddies leave for the woods to go hunting this fall, head to the shallows and you'll likely have a day to remember.

My Favorite Time Of Year

From gorgeous scenery to plentiful bass, fall fishing is undoubtedly one of the best times of the year to be out on the water. Join columnist John Brady as he explains why fall offers some of the most vivid fishing trips of the year.

Cranking Out The Hits

As the water cools, bass move up from deep water and eagerly pounce on crankbaits that resemble the baitfish on which they feed. Here's how to use crankbaits to find bass fast.

Fishing Deep-Diving Crankbaits

Fall fishing usually means one thing: Crankbaits. Tie one on this fall and keep the net handy - you're gonna need it!

Fall Fishing

Fall is often regarded as one of the best times to go bass fishing. Find out why and what patterns work best in this informative article by "The Bass Coach".

Fall Patterns

Bass are creatures of habit and one of the annual events you can count on is their tendency to move shallow in the fall. Ronald Dodson explains what tactics to use during this transitional season.

Fall Fishing: Follow Baitfish to Land Lunkers

You can have incredible days of fishing when your buddies are home watching football.

Fall-Fishing Versatility

As water cools and winter approaches, these are the best techniques I know for catching big bass.

Don’t Overlook Crankbaits in Fall

There’s not a better bait in your tackle box than a crankbait for catching aggressive fall bass roaming over structure.

Be A Versatile Fall Fisherman

Hank Parker tells you how to catch more and bigger bass during the fall season in this article.

Late-Season Buzzbaits

Don’t forget the buzzbait this fall. It might catch you the bass that you’re missing with other techniques. Here's how!