Hollow Belly Swimbait Tips

Here's some great tips that will make your hollow belly swimbaits work better and last longer!

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Hi, guys. This is Gene Jensen with BassResource.com. Here is another tip of the day. A lot of people know what this is. It's a hollow belly swimbait. These have become fairly popular over the last couple of years. A little trick that I learned oh, two years ago, three years, something like that, is pretty cool, I'm going to show it to you.

   Everybody that has fished them knows that they don't last very long on the hook. That they tend to just pull out. They get worn out after you catch one or two fish on them. When you're spending all that money on those baits and they don't last very long, it's no fun. So, this trick was shown to me by a man by the name of Byron Velvick. You guys know him if you watch the Elite Series.

   First thing you do is, you take your hollow belly swimbait, and you slit the belly. Okay? You just take your razor blade, and you cut right down here. What that makes is it makes it where when the fish bites, the hook slides through easier.

   Number two, I use a keel weighted hook. This is a Moaner hook, got a nice little lead weight on the shank, nice stainless steel keeper. Okay. Then you go ahead install it. It's supposed to be screwed on. Put it through your cut. Okay. It looks like that.

   Let me show you the reason why you cut the belly. When that bass bites that hook slides right down in there, and you’ve got all that bite right there. You get better hook sets.

   Now the problem is, is after you fished it for a while, this hook will end up sliding down like this, or doing like that. Or even on a cast it'll go like that. So, what Byron showed me was, go to Walmart. Go into the pet section, into where they sell the fish tank stuff and buy yourself a short little section of the oxygen tubing. Cut a piece of it off, a little, bitty piece. He leaves his round, and I cut my little pieces in half. I don't know if you can see this, but I cut it in half.

   You take this, and you put it over the tip of your hook. I'll do it and I'll show you. The piece of the plastic is probably about a quarter of an inch long so it's not super long. But anyway, okay, you put it over your hook like this, and it rests just like that. It looks kind of weird, right? Well, what it does is it prevents this from pulling out. Okay? It prevents it from coming off the hook once it gets loose and gets worn out.

   There you go, just like that. That's your tip of the day. Fish it. You'll be surprised how many more fish you can catch on a hollow body when you do that.

   Take care and have a great day, and like I always say, visit BassResource.com for the answer to all your questions about bass fishing. Subscribe to my channel, like my videos, and enjoy fishing. See you.

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