Plano EDGE Wins ICAST Best in Show

Plano EDGE Wins ICAST Best in Show

Grand Prairie, Tx (Jul. 12, 2019) - Plano is excited to announce that their new line of EDGE products has taken top prize at ICAST 2019 - winning this year's Best in Show for Best Tackle Management.


ICAST, or the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades, is where the fishing community's top brands showcase their newest achievements for the entire recreational fishing industry.  During the convention, judges from the industry cast their votes for the products they find to be the most innovative, noteworthy and stand out among their peers.


This year, Plano's new EDGE line of tackle storage products had the convention floor buzzing with interest during its four-day tenure. Multiple storage options and innovative new features captivated ICAST attendees and judges alike. The new EDGE line is a result of nearly 2 years of collaboration from product engineers, tournament anglers, pro staff anglers, and captains. With multiple, patent-pending features, the new EDGE line redefines premium tackle storage solutions.


Comprising of 10 new product SKUs, EDGE is built on the familiar Plano 3600 and 3700 Stowaway footprints. Four EDGE boxes are built for general storage in either standard, thin, or deep box configurations. Six additional boxes are designed specifically for custom storage solutions including terminal tackle, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, blade baits and jigs, and soft plastics. These products are immediately recognizable with their modern design, heavy-duty build, Crystal-Clear™ lids, revolutionary Rustrictor™ infused bases, stainless-steel hinge pins, Dri-Loc™ rubber gaskets, and oversized single-handed latches. The EDGE series also feature Water Wick™ - a water-absorbing, rechargeable, desiccant divider, pre-cut vented dividers, and an innovative labeling system.


Taking lessons learned over Plano's many years engineering tackle storage solutions, paired with their recent advancements in creating corrosion fighting materials, Plano has earned the recognition they deserve for driving tackle storage solutions into the future.

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