Ever Green Introduces New Bass Worm

July 6, 2023
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bow worm

Cypress, CA (July 6, 2023) – The word is out. DAIWA EVER GREEN will be showing off a new bait for tapping pressured bass at ICAST in Orlando, Florida.

Called the “Bow Worm Noodle,” it’s the result of DAIWA Marketing Manager, Marc Mills’ consultation with in-the-know EVER GREEN bait designers and Japanese bass pros faced with extremely tough bass bites on pressured and clear waters.

Although a full 8-inches long, it’s not another Floridian “speed worm” design. Quite the opposite. The EVER GREEN Bow Worm Noodle is intended for fishing weightless, wacky, Neko, or via dropshot.

For example, when rigged wacky-style or on a dropshot hook, the Bow Worm Noodle undulates and coils with the slightest movement of the rod, the ultra-thin diameter soft plastic pulsing and writhing like a real nightcrawler. Add any amount of current and it’s even more lifelike

Besides its slinking movement, the Bow Worm Noodle features an EVER GREEN-formulated “Special Formula” scent comprised of real shrimp, squid, and baitfish impregnated into the salt-heavy plastic, thus encouraging more bites and bass to hang onto the artificial offering longer.

Currently available in four colors: #01 Green Pumpkin BK; #11 Dark Plum; #90 Natural Eel; and #135 Special Mimizu.

MSRP $10.99 per pack