Hobie Introduces Monarch Float Sunglasses

July 18, 2022
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OCEANSIDE, Calif. (July 18, 2022) - They slice through glare so you can peer deep into the water, sport Removeable Side Shields and an Adjustable Neoprene Retainer, weigh next to nothing, and won’t sink if dropped overboard. Start adding up the many features of Hobie Eyewear’s NEW Monarch Float Polarized Sunglasses and the sum total is a versatile angling edge and comfortable casual look that can’t be denied. Available now on www.hobieeyewear.com, and ready to ship to retailers, they come in four great Hobie lens styles at an exceptional price. They are truly the ultimate in multi-purpose fishing shades.

The floating frame with versatile performance, Hobie’s Monarch Float Polarized Sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays while delivering superior fishing results with uncompromising style. “These glasses are something special and the more you wear them, the more you come to that conclusion,” says Dylan Coates, senior marketing coordinator for Hobie Eyewear. “Essentially, we’ve combined the best features from our best fishing frame and best floating frame to create one super pair of sunglasses that pull equal duty on the water and in casual settings."

Hobie Eyewear’s senior director for product development, Stephen Vaughan, agrees with Coates’ assessment, noting the ability to swap out components in the frame allows wearers to seamlessly transition between fishing and casual modes, providing unmatched versatility at a price-point that’s certain to draw double-takes. “These are simply the most versatile sunglasses available today,” he states. “With our lightweight floating frame, easy-to-remove side shields and a click-on neoprene retainer, you can fish with these glasses all day long and reconfigure them in about five seconds for casual wear when driving, dining or hanging out at the beach. Better still, the casual mode can stand on its own merits – it doesn’t look like a pair of fishing glasses that have been repurposed.”

Those Removeable Side Shields were borrowed from our El Matador Sunglasses, which are very popular among hard core anglers, adds Coates. “We took the more casual, flatter-face look from our top-selling floating model Coastal Float. It turned out to be the perfect combination to give anglers what they needed on the water and wanted after arriving back at the dock. We sized these frames as medium-large, but they seem to work for just about everyone. In fact, at a recent Bassmaster event, we tried them on over 60 people and all reported a comfortable fit. That casual look just seems to work really well.” 

Hobie Eyewear was first to bring polarized fishing glasses to market back in 1982 and still leads the field. In creating the NEW Monarch Float, they drew on their vast experience to come up with a winner. Like all of their polarized eyewear, Monarch Float is designed to filter out the sun’s unseen but harmful UV rays, affording 100% UV A, B and C protection. But Hobie Eyewear goes further than that says Coates. “All our sunglass lenses are treated front and back with Hobie’s Hydro 360 coating which sheds water and oils, including sunscreen lotion, to ensure easy cleaning with minimal smudging. We also offer a variety of lenses sculpted to allow for more personalization and the ability to match varying sunlight conditions such as early morning, mid-day and late afternoon or evening periods. Each of these factors can require special considerations for your sunglasses to provide maximum performance.”

Monarch Float features lightweight, low-density thermoplastic floating frames that are durable, functional and stylish. The Removeable Side Shields are used to minimize peripheral light leakage, helping to increase fishing focus. Simply “pop” them off to remove for more casual endeavors and “click” them back into place with a slight amount of pressure. Similarly, the Adjustable Neoprene Retainer is fully integrated and easily removed or reinstalled. Noticeably more comfortable than cable-style retainers – especially if you have a little sunburn on the back of your neck – it also adds an extra degree of buoyancy to the frame. Of course, Monarch Floats also come in a classy Hobie Hard Case with a microfiber cloth for optimum lens cleaning.

As for those renown Hobie Eyewear lenses, the Monarch Float is currently available in four variations with a fifth to be added soon. All are designed for use in a variety of situations, but each also has sweet spots. Vaughan breaks it down as follows:

  • Grey-Based, Natural Tint: Dims the entire spectrum of sunlight waves evenly to make everything simply appear darker. Good for general use in well-lit conditions. An excellent choice for saltwater fishing where you might be in the sun for hours at a time.
  • Grey-Based w/ Cobalt Blue Mirror: Reflects away more blue light waves, resulting in a bluish appearance. Another great choice when fishing in open sunlight or for day-long sun exposure.
  • Grey-Based w/ Sunset Mirror: Features an orange mirror and can be used for full day fishing while providing a different look.
  • Copper-Based w/ Sea Green Mirror: Seems to lighten the field of vision. Great for wearing early and late in the day to extend the amount of time you’ll fish with optimal vision.
  • Sightmaster® Plus, Available in 2023: Exceptionally enlightening and soothing, this is the ultimate choice for flats fishing and sight-casting. Use early and late in the day to extend productive hours.

Tally it up and the sum of the versatile Monarch Float is more fish and more fun for a price that won’t hammer your bottom line. Starting at $89.99, these multi-purpose sunglasses run about half the price of the competition – so you might want to buy one for the boat and one for on shore – or two pairs with different lenses.


  • Lightweight Floating Frame Material
  • Removable Side Shields
  • Adjustable Retainer Included
  • HydroClean™ 360° Lenses repel water, grime & oils
  • 100% UV A, B, C Protection
  • 6 Base Polarized Polycarbonate Lenses
  • Durable Integrated Hinges


  • Medium/Large fit
  • Lenses width: 53mm
  • Nose bridge width: 20mm
  • Temple arm length: 126mm

The NEW Hobie Eyewear Monarch Float Sunglasses are available online now at www.hobieeyewear.com, and at retail locations.