KastKing to Give Away up to One Million Dollars

KastKing to Give Away up to One Million Dollars

KastKing Million Dollar Rally will give away up to one million dollars to organizations in conservation, veteran rehabilitation, and getting kids out to fish.


KastKing, a manufacturer of fishing reels, fishing rods, fishing line, and fishing accessories, has announced a program to raise up to one million dollars to be donated to various organizations. Funds will be derived from product sales to the KastKing buying public beginning now until the end of 2018, if necessary. The donations will be given to not-for-profit organizations in fishing related activities. KastKing customers will be able to designate the group they want to contribute to.



Organizations supported by KastKing's initiative are: in conservation, Trout Unlimited, Bullsugar, and Keep Em Wet; for veterans, Freedom Fighters Outdoors, Anglers of Honor, and Heroes on the Water. The groups involved in getting children and families out to fish are Lincoln Hills Cares and Future Fisherman Foundation. The Association of Northwest Steelheaders has activities in all three areas. Details about all of these groups is at



"KastKing is thrilled to be able to assist organizations such as the Association of Northwest Steelheaders, Trout Unlimited, Keep Em Wet, and Bullsugar a who show that anglers can be effective and responsible for a better outcome for fisheries," says Christin Kruger, environmental spokesperson at KastKing. "Whether promoting safe catch and release or sustainable practices, it all adds up to a win - win for the animals and anglers. It's a perfect example of symbiotic coexistence."



KastKing customers who want KastKing to contribute one dollar on their behalf to any one of the recipient groups have to take a picture or short video of any KastKing products purchased since April 2018 to post on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube (or all three). The social media posts have to include a shout out to their chosen organization and the hashtags #1MilllionDollarRally, #Organization's Hashtag, and #KastKing. Contributors select one of the not-for-profit organizations to support on a pull-down selection menu at  Information about all of the not-for-profits is also available at that link. KastKing will contribute one dollar for each sale from every person who follows the instructions regardless of the number of entries up to one million. There is no limit to the number of contributors, the quantity of purchases, or dollar amount of the purchase.



"Anglers of Honor is extremely excited to be involved with the KastKing Million Dollar Rally. With the donations, we'll be able to provide very deserving military vets, opportunities to use fishing as a way to providing healing from the mental, physical and emotional trauma they have sustained," says managing director, J.R. Lapierre. "Fishing has proven to be an incredibly therapeutic tool in restoring physical function and recreating live and we are humbled by KastKing's commitment to assist in the process."



"Kindness; it's who we are," says Tom Gahan CMO at KastKing. "KastKing's Million Dollar Rally, a million voice campaign, goes beyond selling fishing products and speaks of the heart and character of the company. We are pleased that we can help out these organizations that do many good works. We are calling on our fan base to spread the word to reach one million voices."

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