LIVETARGET Introduces Ultimate Frog

July 14, 2022
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Bass fishing

The thrill of a surface strike from an apex predator is unsurpassed. Triggering topwater bites from supersized bass, pike, walleye, and musky – the oldest, smartest, and wariest adversaries – requires unmatched realism in both form and function. Leveraging a battle-tested research and development process that yields species-specific profiles, anatomical details and color patterns – and now realistic motions and actions. 

Evolutionary pressures have forged freshwater apex predators into perfect frog-eating machines. Stalking their favored prey from below, these denizens of the deep recognize not only the profile and patterns of a living frog in open water but also its smooth motions and complex behaviors as it rests, swims, and attempts to evade an impending attack. When motionless, the LIVETARGET ULTIMATE FROG sits just like a living frog at rest, with its eyes just above the surface, its body angled 45-degrees down, and its legs contracted beneath its body – ready to propel the frog forward with thrusts of its webbed feet. When a savvy angler twitches or pulls the LIVETARGET ULTIMATE FROG, its body dips beneath the surface and its legs hinge at the hips and knees, extending to full length in perfect unison. Perfectly mimicking the actions of a living frog swimming for its life in open water, the ULTIMATE FROG is now vulnerable and exposed to predators lurking below. At the end of this stride, the lure’s legs tuck back in toward the body as its eyes break the surface, in an intricate sequence of biomimetic motions that bring the LIVETARGET ULTIMATE FROG to life. These are not the aimless, splashy, random movements of a substandard topwater lure – this is anatomy duplicated, motions replicated, evolution harnessed. 

The topwater angling environment is unforgiving, and the LIVETARGET ULTIMATE FROG leverages advances from chemistry and materials science to withstand the rigors of the near-surface battlefield. The lure’s body is molded from ABS, an advanced thermoplastic polymer selected for its impact resistance and toughness. The ULTIMATE FROG’s unique, high-action legs are crafted from TPE: A highly elastic and durable thermoplastic elastomer that shrugs off sharp teeth and can be stretched repeatedly yet always returns to its original shape. 


  • Uniquely Replicates the Size, Shape, Profile, AND Movements of a Living Frog
  • Robust ABS Body and Durable, Elastic TPE Legs
  • Popper Model with Single Knocker Internal Rattle
  • Finesse Model with Silent, Stealthy Swimming Action
  • Single Hook
  • Includes One Set of Replacement TPE Legs
  • 2-inch (50 mm) and 3/4 ounce (21 g ) and 2 ½-inch and 1 ounce (28 g) Sizes
  • Eight Biomimetic Colors