MadBite Lighted Pliers Announced for 2017

MadBite Lighted Pliers Announced for 2017

New lighted fishing pliers for anglers who fish after dark eliminates the need for a flashlight and adds safety and convenience.


Eposeidon's MadBite division has once again used imagination to lead the recreational fishing tackle industry in 2017 with advanced fishing gear products.  MadBite's  unique MadBrite Lighted Fishing Pliers allow anglers to focus a bright beam of light directly on the work. 


MadBite's MadBrite full-sized 7.5 inch hardened aluminum alloy pliers feature an ultra-bright 18000 millicandela LED bulb that focuses an incredibly bright beam of light directly on the job. Made of durable hardened aluminum alloy, the spring loaded 6.5 ounce lighted fishing plier's precision jaws feature a split ring tool, replaceable tungsten carbide braided fishing line cutters, crimpers, non-slip silicone grip handles, and stainless steel saltwater corrosion resistant components.


"MadBrite's 7.5 inch length and 3.2 inch jaw size offers a better grip and more leverage for hook removal, faster, cleaner cutting, and more force for easy crimping," says Tom Gahan, the company's marketing director who conceived the MadBrite lighted plier. "These pliers eliminate the need to hold a flashlight during nighttime fishing, which can quicken catch and release.  The LED light turns on and off with a twist. Affordable MadBite MadBrite lighted pliers do away with bulky head lamps or having to hold a flashlight in your teeth.  A bonus is that the light is focused directly on the job so there's less chance of shining a light on the water and spooking fish."


MadBite MadBrite lighted fishing pliers use easily replaceable and readily available LR41 batteries and are included with the tool.  MadBrite 7.5 inch lighted pliers have an In-Store Retail Price of $47.98 and an On-Line Direct Price of $32.98.  "Madbite aluminum illuminated fishing plier's tungsten carbide cutters have been tested to cut monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided fishing lines in excess of 100 pound test," says Gahan. "They are available online in various colors at ,, and other online retailers."

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