Missile Baits Making Mini Magic Worm

March 22, 2023
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Missle Baits

Salem, Va. – March 22, 2023 –Missile Baits is adding to their collaboration with Roboworm to make the new 4” Mini Magic Worm. The 6” Magic Worm was introduced in 2022 and already played a part in two BASS Elite Series wins. Missile Baits is adding another fish catching size option. The 4” Mini Magic Worm has the same body proportions that make both sizes effective and easy to rig in most of the popular finesse techniques including drop shot, finesse Neko rig, Texas rig, shaky head, and wacky rig.

“After all the bass I caught on the 6” Magic Worm last year, it was obvious that the worm is a winner. The Mini Magic is the natural progression for us to add. The Mini Magic is nasty on a drop shot when you need a smaller profile, but the big deal is that it is perfect on a drop shot wacky style. I promise you that I will be serving that combo when we go up north this summer,” says John Crews, BASS pro angler and Missile Baits owner.

The Mini Magic Worm will come in the same 12 totally unique colors as the 6” Magic Worm that only Roboworm can pour. Some of the top colors include Green Pumpkin Money, Junebug Dream, Missile Morning, and John’s Juice. Each bag will be loaded with 16 worms (2 more worms per bag than the 6”) for a suggested retail price of $10.99. First production run is here now.