SEA-DOO Introduces FISH PRO, World's First Fishing PWC

SEA-DOO Introduces FISH PRO, World's First Fishing PWC


the Sea-Doo FISH PRO

the Sea-Doo FISH PRO

There are more than 700 million anglers who participate in recreational fishing worldwide, and for years many of them have been outfitting their personal watercraft for fishing. Today, more and more fisherman and women are beginning to discover the benefits of fishing from a PWC and how they can unlock a wide range of fishing experiences from deep open oceans to shallow lakes. Now, Sea-Doo® continues to redefine what’s possible on a watercraft with the first and only production watercraft specifically built for fishing – the 2019 Sea-Doo FISH PRO.


An industry first, the FISH PRO is a combination of clever design and versatility. It’s built to open up the incredible world of fishing from a watercraft to the masses.


Why Choose the Sea-Doo FISH PRO?

  • Access to fishing spots that are inaccessible via boat
  • Smaller size = more time fishing and less time worrying about preparation, clean up, or crew
  • A fraction of the cost with its lower purchase price and operating costs
  • More fun and faster travel to and from fishing spots
  • Closer to the fishing action than ever before
  • Designed with easy access to purpose-built features
  • Comfortable and stable for fishing from any position
  • Flexibility to convert a fishing craft into a Sea-Doo experience for the entire family



The Sea-Doo FISH PRO is based on the ST3 Hull, which means excellent stability, performance, and enough comfort to keep lines in the water for hours.


It is available in Green Night / White, can carry up to 3 riders.




Standard Features: Purpose-Built for Fishing

LinQ Fishing Cooler

  • A rugged 13.5 US gal. (51 L) cooler with recessed work surface, angled trolling slots, tackle and bait storage, a quick double-locking lid latch system specially designed to be closed with one hand, and four rod holders with configurable positioning.


Garmin† Navigation and Fish Finder

  • Multifunction Garmin° ECHOMAPTM Plus 62cv Fish Finder with accurate marine navigation, bright and clear 6” display, CHIRP technology, and more.


Fishing Bench Seat

  • Designed for ease of movement from the driver to passenger position for fishing or access to the cooler. Optimized for fishing facing sideways with increased lateral stability, yet comfortable and secure when fishing from any angle.


Angled Gunwale Footrest

  • Side foot supports for increased comfort and stability when fishing facing sideways.


Intelligent Throttle Control with Trolling Mode

  • Slow Mode speed control to make trolling easy. Riders can set the desired speed to one of nine pre-set positions for a range of trolling speeds up to 8 mph.


Exclusive Quick-Attach Rear Cargo System (LinQ)

  • Two sets of attachment points for attachment of the LinQ Fishing Cooler and additional LinQ accessories, such as a small cooler to bring your lunch and a fuel caddy for your extended trip on the water.


70L Fuel Tank

  • Allows for longer days on the water and less anxiety over fuel range when going the extra miles to reach a favorite fishing spot.


Extended Rear Platform

  • More space for cargo, easier boarding, and increased stability at rest when fishing or carrying a full load of fish. Adds an extra 11.5 inches of length and a second set of LinQ attachment points.


Direct-Access Front Storage

  • The Sea-Doo FISH PRO has a spacious 27-gallon (102.5 L) central cargo compartment designed for easy and direct access to all gear from a seated position – simply raise the handlebar and reach in. It includes a convenient bin organizer, which is ideal to store items for quick access like water bottles, sunscreen, or a small tackle box.


Watertight Phone Box

  • An easy-to-access, watertight phone box with USB port (accessory) allows phones to stay charged and ready to go in a snug, impact-absorbing, watertight cradle.


Boarding Ladder

  • Boarding from the water has never been easier thanks to a larger and flatter folding boarding ladder.


iBR (3rd Generation)

  • Recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard for improving boat safety since 2009 and now in its third generation, the Sea-Doo exclusive iBR (Intelligent Brake and Reverse) system allows riders to stop up to 160 feet (48 m) sooner than watercraft not using a brake*. Maneuverability when braking and handling when in reverse are optimized for maximum response. With both hands on the handlebars, riders can engage forward, neutral, and reverse for stable, worry-free maneuvering at low speeds.

*Based on BRP internal testing in optimal conditions.


Closed-Loop Cooling System (CLCS)

  • Industry-exclusive system that keeps corrosive salt water and debris out of the engine block for added peace-of-mind.


High-performance Variable Trim System (VTS)

  • The Variable Trim System (VTS) allows riders to easily find the ideal trim for any situation.


Digitally Encoded Security System (D.E.S.S.)

  • Anti-theft technology for the marine world. Each key features a radio frequency chip that communicates to the watercraft wirelessly, so the Sea-Doo FISH PRO will only start when the code matches the vehicle.

ST3 Hull

  • The ideal hull for rough water riding, and the industry leader for stability at rest thanks to a wider design, lower center of gravity and improved design. It allows fisherman and women to confidently move and fish all around the watercraft.




The FISH PRO features a Rotax® 1503 N.A. engine, which is the most powerful naturally-aspirated Rotax engine Sea-Doo offers. It provides instant acceleration for immediate fun.


With unmatched performance, superior fuel efficiency and proven reliability, ROTAX engines continue to set the standard in the personal watercraft industry and are the perfect choice for sport fishermen.

^Inspect supercharge every 200 hours (irrespective the number of years) when the vehicle is used in intense conditions such as off-shore riding, continuous operation at wide open throttle, etc.



For a full rundown of its features and specifications, please consult your local dealer contact and ask for a test ride!

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