Introducing SEVIIN

June 22, 2023
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Fishing. It challenges us. It connects us with the natural world and to other people in ways few other sports can. It’s an escape, a passion, a lifestyle, or even a profession.

Whatever fishing means to you, the reel in your hand should help create better experiences. Like your rod, your fishing reel fosters growth and plays a critical role in your angling story. Cast by cast, day by day, season by season, the best reels help us check boxes, earn victories, and guide us towards the next big challenge.

A Proud Fishing Legacy

After spending the last seven decades building the Best Rods on Earth, St. Croix Rod has learned a thing or two about crafting world-class fishing equipment that gives anglers the upper hand. The company didn’t achieve its leadership by following others; its trust has been earned through die-hard persistence, honest innovation, and placing anglers at the center of everything it does.

In 2023, St. Croix Rod applies that same Midwest work ethic and angler-driven mission to the next chapter of its story – one that’s laser-focused on reels and reels alone.

Take fishing legacy in hand with SEVIIN – backed by 75 years of design and manufacturing expertise, industry-leading customer service, and 46 years of ownership by the Schluter family dating back to 1977. SEVIIN reels are meticulously engineered and purpose-built to help anglers conquer every species on every piece of water on the planet. Seven seas, seven continents, seven days a week, SEVIIN reels are fueled by a collective love of fishing surpassed only by a passionate desire to deliver the most reliable and advanced reels on the water.


SEVIIN shares St. Croix DNA and was born from the same. SEVIIN is a St. Croix brand, established and completely backed by the full resources of St. Croix Rod. That said, SEVIIN reels are designed to improve the angling experience, regardless of the specific rods anglers choose.

While both St. Croix and SEVIIN share the same mission of elevating the angling experience, each brand will remain distinct and be supported by dedicated resources. The SEVIIN Team is comprised of reel experts focused solely on reels.

SEVIIN’s retail partners will serve as valuable team members in representing the SEVIIN brand and products to anglers. As such, SEVIIN Reels will be available for order by any retail customer, regardless of whether or not they choose to carry St. Croix rods.

The SEVIIN Promise

“As we excitedly prepare to announce details on our initial lineup of reels in the coming weeks, we want to take this opportunity to firmly establish the promise we’re making to anglers and to the fishing industry,” says St. Croix Rod CEO, Scott Forristall.

“SEVIIN only exists to serve anglers. Their satisfaction with our products is our only satisfaction and measure of success as a brand,” Forristall continues. “Like the anglers we serve, our own angling passions run deep, and we take care of our own. We will provide uncompromising customer service from right here in Park Falls, Wisconsin to keep anglers who place their trust in SEVIIN reels where they belong – on the water.”

To make sure this promise is kept, SEVIIN Reels will offer an accelerated, no-questions-asked, one-year return and replacement policy to any SEVIIN reel owner who registers their reel after purchase.

Forristall reiterates that every decision the SEVIIN Reels Team makes will be guided by anglers’ needs. “We will be relentless in our pursuit of perfection, and we will innovate,” he says, “but our innovation will be honest. That means if a design, feature, or technology doesn’t help make an angler better on the water or enhance their experience, it won’t go on our reels.”

Finally, Forristall states that SEVIIN is for all anglers. “Regardless of experience, where you fish, how you fish, or the brand on your fishing rod, SEVIIN’s team and products are committed to helping you push the boundaries of your own angling potential.”

What and When

SEVIIN Reels will announce and reveal its initial product launch at ICAST 2023. This will consist of one series of baitcasting reels (GF Series), two series of spinning reels (GS and GX Series), and one series of saltwater-specific spinning reels (GSW Series).

SEVIIN reels feature internal componentry – manufactured and tested to exacting specifications – delivering an optimal combination of performance, durability, longevity, and value. Additionally, the proprietary aesthetics of SEVIIN reels are conceived to stand out in the retail marketplace while contributing to pride of use and ownership.

GF Series baitcasting reels will be available to dealers and anglers in September of 2023. GS and GX spinning reels will be available in January of 2024, and GSW saltwater spinning reels will be available in February of 2024.

SEVIIN Reels has a rolling five-year product funnel that extends annually, which means new SEVIIN products will be available to dealers and anglers each year. The SEVIIN Product Team is currently developing products for 2025 and 2026.

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