SPRO’s CJ Smasher

July 12, 2023
Tackle News Archive


Let us rewind to the BASS 1000 Island Tournament in 2021 where Chris and Corry Johnston were heavily depending on a prototype bait that they had actively worked with SPRO to develop and bring to market. Cory went on to win this event, and in the following year SPRO introduced this new bait called the CJ Smasher.

Getting a first look at the CJ Smasher, it resembles a worm that measures in at 3”. The first fishing option that comes to mind would be to drop shot this bait, but there has been many taunting it’s stand out results making it a bait to be fished on a Ned Head and other riggings as well. Another tactic that has gained attention is to fish the CJ Smasher rigged on a minnow jig head and fish it over schools of fish suspended below the boat. This technique is called mopping.

The CJ Smasher is made of Dura Tuff material and is infused with Amino Bite to help trigger strikes in even the toughest bite situations.

The CJ Smasher resembles a worm or baitfish shape, allowing anglers many different rigging and fishing applications. The CJ Smasher comes in ten different SPRO catching colors options to match baitfish that swim in your waters.

Retailers, this is a bait that is being asked for in all areas. It can be used for multiple bass presentation options, not just relying on one to drive sales. The CJ Smasher is also crossing species lines and is branching out and gaining attention in not only bass markets, but making inroads to walleye markets as well.

Make sure that you have enough SPRO CJ Smahers in stock to fill your customers' needs this season. SPRO has all the colors to match the preferred forage in your waters!