Sugar Loaf Lake Largemouth Bass Regulation Change

January 6, 2023
Industry News Archive

(Arkansas) - Happy New Year from Fisheries District Nine! This is a reminder that effective January 1st, 2023, the 13- to 16-inch slot limit for the harvest of Largemouth Bass from Sugar Loaf Lake has been rescinded. Largemouth Bass harvest from Sugar Loaf Lake will now be regulated with no length limit and a 10 fish (Largemouth Bass and Spotted Bass, combined) daily limit per angler.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission voted to rescind the slot limit because recent electrofishing efforts indicated that the lake had become overpopulated with young Largemouth Bass, which can stunt the growth of fish in the lake. Fisheries Biologists believe that increased harvest of Largemouth Bass will lead to better growth rates and improved size structure of the population.

We would also like to remind anglers that as a result of our fall drawdown, Sugar Loaf Lake is currently 2.5 – 3 feet low. This will make launching a boat very difficult and potentially hazardous to your equipment. We are monitoring the water level on a regular basis and will let you know when the lake returns to its normal level.