VRX Fishing Products Announces Leadership Transition

April 3, 2024
Fishing Industry News

Smithville, ON–VRX Fishing Products, a leading sport-fishing manufacturing company, is proud to announce a significant leadership transition. 

Zac and Nick Van Ryn, the sons of Jim Van Ryn, the founder and current president, are set to take over the reins of the company. This move marks a new chapter in the company's history, emphasizing family values and a commitment to continuity.

Jim, who has led VRX Fishing Products since its inception in 2010, has decided to pass on the leadership roles to his sons, Zac and Nick, who have been an integral part of the company for a number of years. Nick had been working in the company for seven years in the role of product development and production and Zac has been working in the company for three years in the role of daily operations manager.

“Zac and Nick have exceeded my expectations in both work ethic and knowledge of all aspects of the business." said Jim. "I am confident that their passion for the business will be exactly what our company needs to build on the established foundation.”

Under the new leadership, VRX Fishing is poised for continued growth and innovation. Zac and Nick bring a fresh perspective and a forward-thinking approach to the business, ensuring that VRX Fishing remains at the forefront of quality product offerings to the sport fishing industry.

"I am honored to take on the role of General Manager alongside my brother," said Zac. "We are committed to upholding the legacy of what our father built while driving VRX Fishing towards to greater heights."

The transition became effective on April 1, 2024, with Jim continuing to play an active role in the company as both President and Consultant.