Project Z—and Namesake Bait—Make Waves in 2015

Project Z—and Namesake Bait—Make Waves in 2015 Two Cutting-Edge Products Epitomize the ‘Science and Art of Fishing’

LADSON, SC (February 16, 2015) —The old adage that ‘good things come in pairs’ is alive and well at Z-Man Fishing Products, as the company today announces the forthcoming release of its digital Webisode series, Project Z—Season 2, as well as an all-new, show-inspired Project Z™ ChatterBait®. Both will be unveiled in conjunction with the 2015 Bassmaster Classic, widely regarded as the Super Bowl of professional bass fishing.


Shot on location at Bienville Plantation, north Florida’s famed big-bass factory,Project Z—Season 2will provide in-depth overviews of Z-Man’s high-tech products and how to best utilize them, as well as an inside look into the minds of the company’s world-class pro staff. As in Season 1, Z-Man’s pros will battle it out against one another, all with no pre-fishing opportunities, limited tackle, and even less time than last year in which to complete several previously undisclosed challenges.


Philosophically,Project Z—Season 2marks Z-Man’s continued commitment to the creation and distribution of original digital video content that both educates and entertains by utilizing a story line and production values unlike any currently in the fishing industry.


“Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback our inaugural season garnered from retail partners, consumers and the media, moving forward with a second season ofProject Zwas an easy decision to make,” states Z-Man General Manager and Executive Vice President, Daniel Nussbaum. “Knowing that anglers—and, consumers in general—are increasingly consuming more and more information digitally from devices such as laptops, tablets and smart phones,Project Z—Season 2will allow us to continue reaching and influencing folks in creative and meaningful ways. And, as with our unique product offerings, this educational, entertaining communications approach will also enable us to further differentiate the Z-Man brand.”


Z-Man’s pro staff—made up of some of the planet’s most accomplished bass anglers—share Nussbaum’s enthusiasm. Luke Clausen, Bassmaster Classic and Forrest Wood Cup champion, will join perennial B.A.S.S. superstars, David Walker and Stephen Browning, to once again serve asProject Z—Season 2’s central characters. Additionally, noted kayak bass angler and TV show host, Drew Gregory, will make his cameo appearance in what promises to be an even more enjoyable, informative and fish-catching production.


“Z-Man has always been one of the most innovative brands in the fishing industry, so I wasn’t surprised when they again demonstrated their trendsetting branding by injecting the adventure and excitement of kayak fishing into Season 2,” comments Gregory. “I was surprised, however by the individual challenge I was handed. Viewers aren’t going to want to miss out on this unique twist.’”


“Project Zhas become one of my most anticipated events over the last two years, as there is no other time in the course of professional fishing that we find ourselves in the same boat with our competition,” remarks Clausen. “Viewers this year will be treated to us having a lot of fun—and catching some giant Florida-strain largemouths!”


“I’m excited for folks to tune in and see how I’m able to complete this season’s challenges by leveraging the versatility of ElaZtech® soft plastics,” adds Walker. “The 2015 Webisodes are going to serve up some some fresh tips and techniques that are sure to improve anglers’ success on the water.”


“For anglers questioning whether Z-Man products will catch trophy-size fish, just watchProject Z—Season 2and those questions will be put to rest,” says Browning confidently.


Knowing that behind every great show lays a captivating leading star, Z-Man has set the table for its all-newProject ZChatterBait to shine in the company’s sophomore production season.


Fueled by the wants, needs and recommendations of avid anglers the world over, Z-Man’s Project ZChatterBait is the company’s top-of-the-line bladed swim jig, taking the proven versatility and fish-catching performance of The Original ChatterBait® to an entirely new level.


“TheProject ZChatterBait really lives up to its name, as it was born during the filming of Season 1,” says Nussbaum. “In talking with Luke, David, and Stephen in the evenings after each day of filming last year about how we could continue to improve on the ChatterBait design, we laid out the specs and features that we all wanted to see in a premium bladed jig. From there, we incorporated input from anglers and our retail partners on everything from sizes to skirt colors.  It’s been really neat to see this come to fruition over the last year.”



Weights  3/8 oz and 1/2 oz

(3/4- and 1- oz sizes to be available Summer 2015)



Pearl Ghost, Blueback Herring, Sexier Shad,  Chartreuse Sexy Shad, Green Pumpkin Shad,  Breaking Bream, Houdini, Black/Blue,  Green Pumpkin Craw, Dark Green Pumpkin

•Initially available in 3/8- and 1/2-ounce sizes, and 10 realistic, fish-catching colors (3/4- and 1-  ounce sizes to be available Summer 2015)



•5/0 Mustad® UltraPoint® black nickel hook

•Unique, stainless hex-shaped ChatterBlade®, stamped and plated in the U.S.

•New super-strong quick clip attached to the blade

•Hardened stainless wireform molded into the head to attach the blade

•Multi-step, skirt-matched paint schemes

•New Z-Tie™ double umbrella EZ Skirt® for a fuller skirt profile, rivaling a hand-tied look

•Enlarged jighead collar to eliminate skirt slippage

•Super-sharp, double-keeper jighead barbs to hold soft plastic trailers securely in place

• 3D eyes for ultra-realistic look 

•Cast, painted, assembled and packaged in the USA

•$8.49 suggested MSRP,  1 skirted jig per pack


“Among many enhancements and upgrades, theProject ZChatterBait’s new head design allows the blade to swing more freely, which is a huge plus in feeling the lure’s falling action when utilizing a stop-and-go retrieve,” comments Browning, an angler that has long relied on a ChatterBait to fill limits and cash tournament checks. “This technique is one of my ‘tricks of the trade,’ and is primo for catching the big ones!”


“I definitely think theProject ZChatterBait is Z-Man’s best ChatterBait yet,” says Walker. “It amazes me that they’re able to keep improving upon what is already one of the most effective fishing lures out there. I always have one tied on no matter the body of water or situation I’m faced with. Anglers of all skill levels will be well served to do the same.”


“Without question, the newProject ZChatterBait is the best bladed swim bait I’ve ever tied on,” exclaims Clausen. “The refinements Z-Man has made to The Original ChatterBait continue to be ratcheted up, and I continue to catch more fish on it as a result!”

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