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The Best Bass Fishing Lakes in Nebraska

While bass are not the most popular freshwater gamefish in Nebraska, the state still ranks as one of the top states when it comes to largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing opportunities. While many bodies of water in Nebraska produce their share of big bass every now and then, the ones listed below are known for consistently kicking out numbers of sizeable bass, which is why they're listed as the best bass lakes in Nebraska.  

  1. Lake McConaughy is well-known for its walleye fishing, but the growing population of monster smallmouth bass are gaining attention, making McConaughy highly regarded as one of the best smallmouth fisheries in the state.  This amazing fishery often produces 5-6 pound bass, and sometimes larger. The rocky shoreline and offshore structure offer ideal habit for huge smallmouth.  True trophy bass anglers are flocking to McConaughy for serious shot at a new record.
  2. Sandhill Lakes near Valentine are consistently regarded as some of Nebraska's best largemouth bass fisheries. The abundant bass population offers nonstop action. While the average size might not reach trophy status, high catch rates ensure plenty of fun and excitement with every outing. 
  3. Private pits and ponds always produce some of the best bass fishing in the state, and many Nebraska anglers have permission to fish at least one of those privately-owned waters. In addition, some private pits and ponds have been enrolled in the Open Fields and Waters program and are open to the public.  

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