Hubbard Creek Ramp Project

Hubbard Creek Ramp Project

BREAKING THE BONDS OF BUREAUCRATIC RED TAPE: How one community took matters into their own hands


The citizens of Breckenridge, Texas have felt the loss of revenue from visitors and tournaments to Hubbard Creek Lake due to the low water conditions. Grant requests to the Texas Parks & Wildlife for ramp repairs and a new ramp have fallen on deaf ears. This small community decided to take matters in their own hands and fix the problem.
   The Hubbard Creek Lake Development Task Force was formed through the Chamber of Commerce under the direction of Bob Clark. Within two weeks, the committee collected almost $10,000 in donations from local businesses and individuals.
   Johnny Stoker of Sandy Creek Marina donated hours of manpower and heavy equipment to the project. The West Central Texas Municipal Water District did likewise. The local bass club had many volunteers out working. Many of the forms were donated by Mike Duncan construction company. In less than a week, a ramp 25 feet (2 lanes) by 302 feet was poured.
   The process started with a 25 x 25 section poured, and then leaving a 50 foot blank section, the remainder was formed and poured. After curing a couple of days, a bulldozer and heavy front end loader pushed the 25 x 25 into the water and then cement was poured to join it with the other sections. All that is remaining is cosmetic work, bulldozing a wind break, making a parking lot and smoothing out the area for visitors.
   The ramp should be ready for use by April 4, 2002. The City of Breckenridge invites local bass clubs, visitors and others to come and start using Hubbard Creek Lake again. Donations will gladly be accepted through the Chamber of Commerce and are tax deductible. Plans are under way for repairs to the three remaining ramps that are out of the water and providing additional amenities that will benefit all visitors. Please use caution when on the lake as the level is about 18 feet low. Even at this, there is still plenty of water for fishing and playing. Incidently, some large bass have been caught lately, three to 12 pounds! If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Chamber office at 254-559-2301. Please come see us!
   An additional note to this project came in after the May/June/July issue went to press. The community has now received a $6,800 + grant from Wal Mart for the parking lot project and 250 tons of base material donated from a local cement plant and they have built a 22-foot high berm as a wind block from the north wind that can also be used as a fishing pier when the lake does finally come up.
   The parking lot should hold about 50+ vehicles with trailers. "Phase two" will encompass the ramp at the bridge (a south wind berm and ramp rehab.)
   The ramp will have the special name of "Paul Prater Volunteer Landing". Paul is a Breckenridge resident and is currently the president of the West Central Texas Municipal Water District, who has helped tremendously in making all this possible.
   Citizens of Breckenridge, we salute your efforts and determination!

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