Want A Custom Rod? No Problem!

Want A Custom Rod? No Problem! Think it's too confusing and complex to get the custom rod you want? Think again. There's an easy way.


Custom Rod

Have you ever wanted to build your own fishing rod?  Speaking for myself, I have no desire to build my own fishing rod. Besides I’ve never done it. However, I’ve always wanted a custom-built rod. I found the Batson way of introducing custom fishing rods interesting. 

   My first questions were, “Where do I start? What do I want? How do I decide on the rod blank and components?” 

   You do not need to know a rod builder to get this done.  Batson will help you find a builder that meets its strict rod building specifications, plus they have a list of quality builders on the company’s website.  Or, if you are a rod builder but need help with the order process, Batson is there. Give them a call. 

Custom guides

   There was so much that I don’t know. There are literally hundreds of rod blanks, and thousands of rod components offered by Batson, I was overwhelmed to say the least.  Luckily, Batson Enterprises gave me guidance. This is something Batson will do for any angler that wants a custom rod. 

   Batson calls the rod and components a “recipe” so when you start putting things together this is your recipe.

   Let’s get started.

   Figure out how much you want to spend because this will help you while making selections.  Decide what kind of rod you want such as flipping stick, spinnerbait, crankbait, drop shot, etc. If you already have a rod you’ve been using that you like, use it as a guide to help determine things such as handle length.

Custom rod

   Once you figure out what you need, go to, look at the different rod blanks, and start your recipe.  This can be an overwhelming process, but take your time and don’t get discouraged. The site lists all brands offered and each brand has a catalog to view. 

   I was looking for a drop shot rod. I looked around and spent some time finding the rod blank I wanted - a Rainshadow Eternity2 rod blank. If you’re working with a rod builder, they will help you choose the blank and components. Like I said Batson stepped in to help me figure out the rest. I used e-mail and made phone calls to Batson to get assistance with the process. They were extremely helpful, and walked me through the options with their pros and cons, while keeping my budget in mind. To match the rod blank, I went with high-quality, color-coordinated Alps components, including 12 guides and a killer Toray carbon fiber reel seat. Below was the final product.


   I am extremely happy with my selection.  I got 4.35oz beautiful blue rod (see pictures) that is so sensitive you can feel a fish breath on it.  It’s very comfortable and fits me perfectly.  I’ve caught lots of bass, big and small, not only using the drop shot technique, but other techniques too such as split shot, Texas rig worm, weightless worm and small jigs. 

   I’ve used this rod all day long without fatigue, and will continue to use it as much as possible. I absolutely love this rod.  I’m getting ready to add another custom rod already. Now, time to create a new recipe.


Rainshadow Eternity2 Spin
Component Part Number Part Description
Rod Blank Model # ETES72M-CB Blank 7'2" 1pc Med 8-14lb-Cobalt Blue
Butt Cap: TFB14TR-CB Fighting Butt Tri Shape ID .xxx" (xx.xxmm) w/TR- Cobalt Blue
Rear Split Grip: HEFGE16-1  (cut off tennon) HE FG 0.875" length 0.188" bore black EVA (60%) w/CC
Rear Split Grip Trim: AWCCO-472-CB Aluminum Winding Check w/cut out . I.D. - Blue
Front Split Grip Trim: AWCCO-453-CB Aluminum Winding Check w/cut out . I.D. - Blue
Front Split Grip: HEFGE16-1 HE FG 0.875" length 0.188" bore black EVA (60%) w/CC
Reel Seat Rear: RPDMVT16-IC  (9.5 inches up from Butt) Split Spin R/S
Notes: Place seat 9.5 inches up from Butt  
Reel Seat Hood and nut: RPDMVT16-DKN-CB RPD Nut MVT material double knurled - Cobalt Blue
Fore Grip: HEFGE16-1 HE FG 0.875" length 0.188" bore black EVA (60%) w/CC
Fore Grip Trim: AWCCO433-CB Aluminum Winding Check w/cut out . I.D. - Blue
Hook Keeper: XDSHKSS-B  Place two inches above seat Put 2" (up from threads) on left
Tip Top: BPUT06R04.5 P Top 6 Blue Zircon Ring 4.5 Tube-Black
Guides (see below for size and quantity) BVSUG Sgl Ft 'V' Frame-Blue Zircon Rg 20-Black
Guide order from the tip top Guide Guide Placement -  In inches from the tip top
1st BVSUG06 3.3125"
2nd BVSUG06 6.750"
3rd BVSUG06 10.1875"
4th BVSUG06 13.75"
5th BVSUG06 17.375"
6th BVSUG06 21.25"
7th BVSUG06 25.3125"
8th BVSUG06 29.375"
9th BVSUG06 33.675"
10th BVSUG06 38"
11th BVSUG10 43.675"
12th BVSUG20 49.5"

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