The Finest Rod I Have Ever Fished

The Finest Rod I Have Ever Fished Is this custom rod worth it? Take a look and see.


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The Eternity 2 series is the highest quality rod blank RainShadow has to offer. The rod is extremely sensitive, incredibly strong and lightweight. Also, it is aesthetically pleasing and functional. For this custom build, an Eternity2 ETEC76M, I chose a Toray reel seat, Alps titanium guides and premium cork, split grip construction. 

   The rod is 7'6", Medium Power and Fast Action. In my hands the blank has the feel of a Medium Heavy Power rod. I was looking for a rod specifically dedicated to fishing weighted soft plastics. Although, this rod can easily be assigned to fishing jigs or a variety of other lures.

   My plan is to fish the rod as many different ways as possible. I will have more to say about this after fishing the equipment over the next several months.

   There are four features about this rod I want to cover in this article.

Rod Loading

The ETEC76M is replacing a G. Loomis GLX BCR893 in my line-up. One key feature important to me is casting distance. This RainShadow is rated for weights ranging 1/4- to ¾-ounce lures. Using 1/2 ounce as an average in this example, the rod loads to what feels like 100% capacity and maximum casting distance.  Although the blank is capable of handling greater weights, they are not required.


Recovery is a measure of the time it takes the rod to recover after a cast. When you impart energy to a rod upon casting, it vibrates. You can see the tip shaking. That shaking bats the line as it leaves the top guide, causing friction. That friction reduces casting distance. Faster Action rods tend to recover faster, but do not load up as well. Moderate Action rods tend to recover poorly, but load up better. This particular blank loads like you might expect from a Moderate Action rod, but recovers quickly. I believe this RainShadow will outcast everything else I own if the rest of the equation is equal. 


Sensitivity is obviously important. We want a rod to transmit the feelings when a lure moves through the water. The Eternity2 is SENSITIVE. You can visualize bottom composition, every rock, pebble and blade of grass. Bites are easily detectable, even the most subtle, soft bites.  Although the tip is soft enough for long casts, the blank solidly loads up into the backbone for setting the hook and fighting the fish.


Brittleness is how easily the rod will break. Most high-end rods are brittle, as brittleness and sensitivity tend to be indirectly proportional.  With the Rainshadow you do not need to be gentle, but you must be aware of the blank's capabilities. Hooksets will never be an issue, but high sticking is taboo. 


Without a doubt the Eternity2 ETEC76M is the finest rod I have ever fished.  Check it out.

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