FireLine Ultra 8’s Strength Is In Its Castability

FireLine Ultra 8’s Strength Is In Its Castability Is FireLine Ultra 8 Carrier better than the original FireLine? Here's our review!


Fireline Ultra 8 Carrier

Fireline Ultra 8 Carrier

I’ve been experimenting with lines from a variety of manufacturers. One of them is Berkley’s new FireLine Ultra 8. A couple features make it a unique fishing line. First, Berkley uses heat to bond together eight strands of Dyneema fibers, twice as many as original FireLine. That process creates a very smooth and almost perfectly round braided line, and the result is significant improvement in casting distance right out of the box.

   Berkley offers its crystal- and smoke-colored FireLine Ultra 8 in 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, 14-, 17-, 20- and 30-pound tests in 125-, 300- and 1,500-yard spools. I spooled some 30-pound test on Abu Garcia’s new Revo SX baitcasting reel. It will accommodate 145 yards of 12-pound test monofilament, which has the same diameter as the 30-pound test Ultra 8. I put the reel on a GLoomis BCR854, a 7-foot 1-inch fast-action baitcasting rod that I use for pitching.

   Berkley reports that Ultra 8 is four times more abrasion resistant than its original FireLine. As a result, I decided not to use a leader, instead direct tying to a ½-ounce jig and Strike King Structure Bug — a type of soft-plastic creature lure — during a recent trip to Pickwick Lake. I had already dialed in the Revo while “fishing” in my front yard (no bites). So, I decided to see how far I could cast the jig. I was surprised at the monster distance, and I think you will be, too. The rest of the trip was spent pitching, and the line performed flawlessly.

   One potential drawback of FireLine Ultra 8, which you’ll most likely notice immediately, is that it feels stiffer than other braided lines. That may change over time, so I will update this review in about a month, reporting on its durability and if it does become supple.

   Here in the Mid-South, we’re only a few weeks from prime smallmouth fishing, which will provide a great test for my new FireLine and Revo reel. Hope to see some of you on the river!

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