Review: KastKing Assassin Baitcast Reel

Review: KastKing Assassin Baitcast Reel A review of the KastKing Assassin baitcasting reel.



Are you looking to have more fun while fishing?  At KastKing their slogan is "Keep Fishing Fun" and they back up that promise with one of their new products – the KastKing Assassin baitcasting. The name of the reel sounds more ominous than fun, but I assure you it has helped me have more fun on the water. 


The Assassin's low profile and ergonomic design is only a small part of the great features of this baitcaster. This reel features a durable and visually appealing midnight black finish that looks great on almost any rod. The reel is made of carbon. It is strong, light and durable. Simply put, it is made to last.


KastKing has continued to invest in the design of their baitcast reels. The first KastKing reel I used was a Royale Legend baitcast reel. It weighed in at 7.6 oz. I was skeptical at first based on the low price. However, after hard use I found that it was an amazing reel and increased my interest in the brand. Here's my review on the KastKing Royale Legend compared against another brand.



Now, KastKing has made a couple more designs and refinements that have resulted in the Assassin's amazing lightweight and strong design weighing in at only 5.7 ounces. One significant change is the full carbon construction that is lighter and stronger than aluminum.


One of the first aspects of the reel I want to highlight is the new centrifugal brake design. It is quick and easy to adjust and makes changes to the braking system. The brake has six different settings. I fished with it on every setting. It's nice to be able to adjust based on lure weight and wind conditions so you can be sure you won't get any backlashes. The brake system compares to other reel brands featuring a similar design priced over $200. The centrifugal brake is paired with a very strong magnetic braking system that can be used to fine tune casts with 10 different settings. With the two of these combined I even felt confident enough to let my 9-year-old cast with it. He never used a baitcast reel in his life until I handed him the Assassin. I cranked up the brakes and my son was able to cast without a backlash. For anyone learning how to use a baitcast reel this is a forgiving fishing reel to use.


Another great thing that KastKing has done with this model is to really fine tune the ergonomics of the reel. Ergonomics is defined by the Webster Dictionary as an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely. The reel fits well in the palm of the hand. Assassin also has a carbon fiber power handle that helps ergonomically and directs the power to the gears efficiently. This feature sells as a $30 to $45 option depending on the retailer.


The drag on the KastKing Assassin is amazingly smooth. I usually fish for largemouth bass but often times it's common to hook up with a large catfish or drum. While I was out with the reel I had a chance to give the drag a good test. I hooked up with two large drum and the drag on the reel was smooth. I was pulling a square-billed crankbait and without a smooth drag I would have lost those fish and my lure. The drag is also extremely strong. If you crank it down the drag has a 16.5 pound rating that comes from 4 premium carbon fiber discs in the drag stack. This is one of the main advantages of this reel. No other reel in this price range has a drag that comes close to comparing.



The reel comes in a 6.3:1 gear ratio which is a great "all around" gear ratio. Perfect for just about anything. If you are looking for something with a little faster gear ratio KastKing also has the Speed Demon reel that boasts a 9.3:1 gear ratio. The 6.3:1 is great for moving baits or finesse presentations. I was able to use it with 15 pound KastKing FluoroKote line and fish everything from squarebills, chatterbaits, jigs, and soft plastics. I loaded it up with some KastKing Mega8 braided line and even fished River2Sea Whopper Plopper 90 and 130 lures. The reel excelled no matter which lure or presentation I used.


I took the Assassin reel out several times and put it through rigorous testing. It is my favorite KastKing reel, and my favorite baitcast reel I have (I have reels from other brands that cost 3 to 4 times what the Assassin does). I don't get as much time as I would like to go out bass fishing as I have a full time job and three kids to chase around. Therefore, the time I do get on the water is very important to me. I need to know when I go out that I can count on my gear and make every cast count. Once you disassemble a KastKing reel and compare it to the competition, it's a no brainer. KastKing Assassin is made as well as or even better than reels that cost four times as much that I have had the pleasure of trying.


Other brands offer good reels, and I will not knock them here, but they do cost considerably more than KastKing. I know when I use my KastKing Assassin that I won't suffer from backlashes or have any issues that will impact my day of fishing. I challenge everyone who reads this to give a KastKing Assassin a try. At a great price point of $69.99 it is very affordable. The other great thing is that KastKing offers a one-year warranty and also has a no hassle return policy for 30 days after purchase if you are not completely satisfied with the reel.


You may even justify buying the reel as a back up or loaner. Although, I am willing to bet once you try it you will find it has a place on the deck of your bass boat or in your fishing tackle arsenal. I know using KastKing products helps me enjoy my time on the water at a great price to boot! I am so glad I gave their products a chance. They are keeping fishing fun for me!

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