Review: KastKing Assassin Baitcasting Reel

Review: KastKing Assassin Baitcasting Reel Review of the KastKing Assassin Baitcasting Reel - we reveal our test results.


KastKing Assassin

KastKing Assassin

Don’t you wish you could get the performance of a high end reel, without paying a high end price? Maybe you can.

   I was given the chance to try one of KastKing’s Assassin baitcasting reels several months ago. It’s a very nice looking reel that is lightweight, with a sharp flat black finish and blue trim. The reel is only 5.7oz, with a 6.3:1 gear ratio. KastKing sells their reels online to eliminate retail markup. As a result, they can be had for around $60.

KastKing Assassin

KastKing Assassin

   I paired the reel with a 7’ MH/F rod with the intention of using it mostly for slinging traps at hybrid striped bass to really give the reel a true torture test. It really impressed me with its casting distance. Easily one of the furthest casting reels in my boat, which is a plus when slinging a bait meant to cover lots of water. It’s a little louder on the retrieve than other reels, but it doesn’t feel rough or geary.


   I was able to give the reel a beating one afternoon. A huge school of wipers moved onto a flat where I was able to catch them almost every cast for two hours straight, and I horsed every one as much as possible. I tried and tried to break the reel, but it just kept coming back for more. After that trip, its long distance casting ability paid off with the largest bass I caught from that particular lake. Some large fish started chasing shad off a point, well inside the off limits area. The only reel on the boat that could reach them was the Assassin. My buddy tried to reach the fish with his Abu Garcia reels, but the casts were short.

   After months of abuse the reel still functions as it did when I got it. It has found its way into my starting lineup, especially for slinging hard baits that I want to cover a lot of water with. I’ve been impressed enough with it that I bought another KastKing reel that is equally impressive.

   I suggest taking a look at the KastKing Assassin if you need a workhorse reel that functions well above its price tag.



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