YUM Dinger Review – What You Need To Know | Video

YUM Dinger Review – What You Need To Know | Video We’ve been fishing the YUM Dinger for a few years now, and decided to give you a full review, to help you decide whether or not this is the soft plastic stick bait for you.

We’ve been fishing the YUM Dinger for a few years now, and decided to give you a full review, to help you decide whether or not this is the soft plastic stick bait for you.



Just like that.  That’s a better fish. There we go! He just coughed up a crawdad. See that?


Hey folks, Glenn May here at, and today I wanna talk to you about soft plastic stick baits. You know, they're the staple, everybody has them. Everybody catches lots of fish with them. They're really good. But I've tried a lot of different ones, and I wanna tell you, the one that I really like the most is the YUM Dinger, and I know know a lot of you guys like it, too. 
There are several reasons why. This bait is...first of all, it can be used in pretty much all different situations, right? You can Carolina rig it, you can Texas rig it, you can put it on a split shot, on a drop shot, wacky rigging is a very, very popular way of doing it. Simply just weightless, just rig it on a 2/0 or 3/0 hook, and just let it fall on itself. It just does this nice, undulating action as it falls. It's wonderful. 

Ya, it’s a little fish.


Keri: There he is.  He’s not that little.  He’s a good looking fish. He’s not that little. Not that little at all. Looks like you foul hooked him.


Glenn: I did foul hook him.  I felt him breathing on it. I felt you breathing on it.  Oh, he’s got bad breath.

The thing about the YUM bait though, what I like about it is, first of all, the plastic that it has, it's a stronger plastic so it lasts longer. It doesn't tear as easy. So you catch a lot more fish on a single bait without having to get tore up, and you lose a bunch of baits and just blast through a whole bunch of baits. That's an expensive way of fishing. So these baits actually last a lot longer. 
Another thing that's really cool about this...they've done something. The folks at YUM have really thought this through. They put a little slot in here. Take a look at this. See that? It's a little hook slot. Really cool, and that, your hook just lays right in there. So you don't necessarily have to Texpose it, so it doesn't tear the bait up even more. It actually lies in there. It's weedless, it doesn't get hung up on things, but the hook will still pop out when the fish strikes it. That makes the bait last a lot longer. 
Also, it's scent-impregnated. So fish, when they grab know, a lot of times when you're fishing weightless baits, you can't feel the bite, and a lot of times you don't even see it. The line just doesn't even change, so you don't know if you got a fish. Sometimes they grab it and they spit it right out and you didn't even know it happened. Well, with the scent impregnation on this, the fish is gonna hold on to it that much longer and give you more time to detect a bite and set the hook. 

Keri: I got another one. That’s a big one.  That’s a nice fish. Here ya go. He’s over there for you. That’s a heavy fish. You should feel the weight on that thing.


Glenn: That works.


Keri: That works.

Glenn.  The YUM Dinger, It comes in sizes: three, four, five, and six-inch sizes, so a variety of different ways from finesse fishing it all the way up to going for big fish. And, get this, it comes in 44 different colors, so any color that you like. And if you wanna be unique, they even got some unique colors that a lot of guys don't fish. It's gonna give you that kind of edge that will help you catch more fish. 
So, it's really...they've really thought this through and made it the standout bait of all stick...soft plastic stick baits. This is the one I use the most. Give it a shot, guys, I assure you're really gonna like it a lot. I'm not gonna steer you wrong. 
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