Booyah One Knocker Review

Booyah One Knocker Review We've been using the Booyah One Knocker crankbait for a while now, and learned a few things you should know. Here's our review.

We've been using the Booyah One Knocker crankbait for a while now, and learned a few things you should know. Here's our review.





Glenn: Aha.
Keri: You're right, he does not...oh. He's got a little fight left in him, though?
Glenn: Right.
Keri: All right, you. Can you let this out a little bit? Can you do an easy release and shake yourself off for me? Oh no, I got him.
Man: You got him hooked weird.
Keri: He did that to himself. He's hooked really weird. You weren't going anywhere, but somehow you impaled yourself. You slapped at it and it got ya.
Glenn: Yeah. They're sharp hooks.
Keri: They're gone. Small mouth don't mess around.
Hi everyone, Keri May with and I'm here to talk to you about the Booyah One Knocker. The one thing about the One Knocker is it's unique sound. There's one tungsten rattle in it, and you can hear it. Now, listen to the difference from your typical rattling bait. This is your typical bait... Here's the One knocker...That is a very unique sound, so when it goes through the water, you're going to get more strikes.
Glenn: That's a good fish.
Keri: So, these baits they come in 12 different colors, 3 sizes, 1/4 ounce, 1/2 ounce and 3/4 ounce. But they are great for covering cover fast searching for fish. You can see right where I'm at right here, you can throw it in shallow water, deep water, you can definitely use this, yoyo it, throw it out there, bring it back fast. You could also go out there, go slow, let it fall right to the bottom, it will sink. So if you're in deep water, definitely use it, but if you're out here just trying to find fish, cover water, this is a bait that I suggest you use. I love it, I've caught a lot of fish on it. I've been fishing it all spring long, going in summer I'm just gonna keep fishing it because I'm catching fish with it.
So, again, check out the colors. They're great patterns, they've done a really good job at making them very unique, so get out there give him a try.
Man: There we go. And he's a puller. Oh, he wants to fight. Come here you. All right, let's see if I can get him in without getting lots in the face. I didn't bring a net, that's my problem.
Keri: Got him good, he won't go nowhere.
Glenn: That's a good fish.
Keri: Look at that. One Knocker straight out of the box, this bait can be used tied on, the hooks are great. I have not had to do anything with hooks, I haven't had to do anything with the bait, just tie it on and go.
I actually caught a fish, and it's a largemouth...and it's a largemouth, on the One Knocker. And look at that, he's got a face full of it too. Come here you, come here you. I do not want to get hooked. Stop it. I do not want to get hooked, stop it. Got you.
Right there, One Knocker. What are you doing over here? All right, let's let this beast go.
Again, folks, I'm telling you, the One Knocker, it won't let you down, give it a try.
A largemouth, I don't know what you're doing over here, but go play.

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