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 How can you tell what those blips mean on your depthfinder?  Hank Parker explains in this video.



Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May here at, and I'm sitting here with Hank Parker in his boat with another weekly tip from "Hank Parker's Fishing Tips". And this week's question, Hank, it comes from Clayton Westgate from Lane, Kansas. He asks, "How much of the bottom does my graph cover?"

Hank: Well, that depends on different units, you know. Years and years ago, Humminbird came out, and they would double the size that you would normally see. A cone angle would start out small. So if you were in five foot of water, you only read five foot of bottom. And then, if you were in 10 foot of water, you read 10 foot of bottom. And that was the new technology. The old 24-degree cone angle, in five foot of water, you only read about a foot and a half, 18 inches, so two foot at the most. So it's amazing how that technology has changed.

The problem with wide, wide transducers that cover a lot of bottom is, you don't get as thorough of a signal. I hear guys tell me, he'll say, "Ah, look at that big fish down there." Well, let me tell you something. If you have a 12-inch bass in the center of your cone angle of your transducer, he will look bigger than a five, or six, or seven-pound bass that's on the edge of your cone angle on your transducer. So if you get too wide, then you're not able to discern and read what structure is there.

And I think Humminbird has done a super job of getting those transducers, where if you're in 20 foot of water, you're reading 20 foot of bottom, and you get the detail that you can discern and readily figure out what you're looking at. Down image and side image, and all of that, has been greatly enhanced with this new technology called MEGA Imaging. So this is a change in game.

But, as a whole, there is a lot of variations with different brands of fish finders, but with the units that I'm using on my boat, if my I'm in 20 foot of water, I'm looking at 20 foot of bottom.

Glenn: Great answer, Hank. Thanks so much. And, Clayton, thank you so much for asking that question.

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