Using Fishing Logs

Hank Parker's Fishing Tips

Do fishing logs help you catch more fish? Here's Hank Parker's take on keeping fishing logs.



Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May here with, and I'm sitting here with Hank Parker with another edition of "Hank Parker's Fishing Tips". Hank, this week's question, it comes from Brandon from Minnesota, and it says, "Do you think fishing logs help you become a better fisherman? And do you keep track of the bass you catch, and if so, how many fish have you caught since you started keeping track?"

Hank: You know, I've never ever written a log. I used to be so really, really good at remembering every place I've been, every fish I caught, and man, I just can't do that anymore, but I never really kept a log.

But now, electronically, I have all these little cards that I can put in every time I go to Kentucky Lake or Lake Barkley. I put the card in with my Lake Master map, then I put the second card in there that I mark all my waypoints on. When I come home, I pull that card out, put it and mark it Kentucky Lake or Barkley Lake, or whatever, put it in my console, and I've got that log there the next time I go to the lake. I pull up, I look at all my waypoints that I've put in from the trip before and the trip before and the trip before, and I can just keep building on that.

So I keep an electronic log today, but I wish that I had kept a log from the time I started, and I wish I had written them down, and I wish I knew how many fish I caught.

So if you're starting out, I think a log is a great thing. So keep up with all those fish, and it would be really good information and material to go back, on a cold and rainy day, sitting by the fireplace, and just flip through the pages and look at all those fish you'd caught over the years. I think that's cool. So I highly recommend it, but I'm guilty of not doing it myself.

Glenn: Well, Brandon, there you have it. Start creating your log and start catching more fish.

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