The Best Fluorocarbon Leader Knot (an Insane Alternative)

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Here's a unique way to solve the leader knot issue. This is the best and strongest fluorocarbon leader knot solution that nobody talks about. Great for braid to fluorocarbon knots.

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Glenn: Hey, folks. Glenn May here with, and welcome to another edition of "Hank Parker's Fishing Tips." Hank, this is a question about fishing line, and it comes from Mike Law from west Florida, and he says, "Do you use fluorocarbon leader for finesse presentations with braid, and if so, what line-to-leader knot do you use?"

Hank: You know, that is a million-dollar question. I don't know if you've used NanoFil. NanoFil is not a braided line, but it appears, in most sense of the word, to be a braided line. It is so slick, it is so difficult to tie a Uni knot from the NanoFil to the fluorocarbon and get it to bite and keep it at full knot strength. And I struggle with that, and it takes so long to tie that knot, so I always tie a double Uni to keep that together.

And I found these little micro-swivels, just little-bitty swivels. You can actually wind 'em through your guide. You can actually wind 'em up on your reel. So, I use a micro-swivel and tie my fluorocarbon, and then I use a Palomar knot, and then I tie my NanoFil or my braid, my FireLine. Any 1 of the 3, braid, FireLine, or NanoFil, I use those little micro-swivels, and I tie to that fluorocarbon line.

And, let me tell ya', I think it makes a big difference to use that fluoro versus a braid. I think it is a big difference versus a NanoFil. I think it's a big difference versus a FireLine. I always, if I'm in clear water, really, like, but I do not like giving up line strength or knot strength. So, the best thing that I've ever come up with, of joining those lines together, is that little micro-swivel.

And if you can find some that are rubber-coated, I've never seen 'em, but I gave this tip on my show,, and a guy wrote me back and said, " Hey. Have you tried the rubber-coated micro-swivels?" No. Where can I find 'em? I haven't found 'em yet, but if you can find some rubber-coated micro-swivels, you got something. Super, super way to connect those lines.

Glenn: Awesome. Awesome tip. Thanks so much, Hank. I hope that answers your question. For more tips and tricks, as Hank just said, go to There's lots of tips, tricks, videos, articles, and a bunch more stuff for you to check out. You're gonna like it, and if you wanna be notified of the next time we post one of these videos, just subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thanks for watching, and have a great day.