How To Rebound From A Bad Tournament

How To Rebound From A Bad Tournament Hank Parker reveals his winning tips for overcoming bad fishing tournaments and turning them into victories. It's golden information from the 2-time Classic Champion. You don't want to miss this!

Hank Parker reveals his winning tips for overcoming bad fishing tournaments and turning them into victories. It's golden information from the 2-time Classic Champion. You don't want to miss this!



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Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May here at and I'm here with Hank Parker with another episode of Hank Parker's fishing tips. This week's question Hank, it comes from Steve Watts from Covington, Washington, and he wants to know how do you mentally rebound from a bad tournament to get ready for the next one?
Hank: I like that. You say that's from Steve Watts?
Glenn: That's from Steve Watts.
Hank: Hey Steve, that is a great question. I appreciate that, and Glenn, thank you so much for having me and I am hoping that we've got a lot of high school tournament fishermen on the forum and listening to the answer to this because these guys struggle so much with mental attitude.


You can't let your circumstances dictate your game plan. If you watch the New England Patriots football team, you can watch a team that doesn't matter how bad they're getting beat, they never quit, they stay with their plan. So it's really, really important for you to be able to make that game plan the night before and I'm not saying don't make adjustments during the day. You can adjust if the wind starts blowing and you can use more aggressive type based on all sorts of different adjustments and fine tune your pattern. But don't deviate from your game plan just because it's not working.


Don't lose hope, and focus. Stay with it man. If you've worked it out in practice and you've got it figured out, just make little changes and adapt to maybe a little sets of circumstances, but don't let it start messing with your mind to the point you just throw it all away.


I know so many guys that they'll go out, they'll find these tournaments in off colored water and all of a sudden, they go up there they fish, they spin a bait for 45 minutes to an hour in a prime time and they had high expectations and it didn't pay off. And instead of them making a small adjustment, maybe getting a squarebill and backing off a little bit, or maybe go into a little bit smaller bait and maybe a little different presentation. They just throw it all away and crank up and go 30 miles down the lake to a whole different set of water color and just everything they learned in practice, they threw it away because mentally they were convinced it wasn't gonna happen there. Don't do that.


I have been and fell into that game and for me, there're going to be days that you'll come back to the way in and there will be somebody there that said I just threw everything away I had and I gave up and I went down and started fishing a worm in deep clear water and left all that muddy water and it really paid off. That's the exception of the rule.


For me in my whole career, when I stuck with my plan and made little changes, and didn't get discouraged mentally, just stayed with it, that paid dividends for me. And consistently, it paid off by staying with your plan and not letting circumstances dictate your mood. That will make a big difference.
Glenn: Fantastic advice Hank. Steve, thanks for the question. You can't get any better advice than that from a two-time Classic champ. Thanks for sending that in, and I hope that answers your question.


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Hank: Good deal.

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