Why Use Maps for Fishing? The Best Answer

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Hank Parker explains why using lake maps are important for fishing.

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Glenn: Hey, folks. Glenn May here with BassResouce.com, and we're here with Hank Parker in his boat, with another weekly tip from Hank Parker. Hank, this question is submitted from Mark from Jacksonfill, Florida...Jacksonville, Florida, not Jacksonfill. He says, "I would like to ask Hank what techniques he uses, studying maps, before going to new water."

Hank: Well, I'm telling you, that is a great question. I used to study paper maps all the time. We didn't have electronic maps and a chip you could stick in there from LakeMaster. I mean, it was all about paper maps. So I would study those paper maps the day, or two days, or three days before I hit the road to go to a tournament. Then I would have all these places marked. Then I would fly in an airplane, and overlook and see what the water color was, see if I could see birds where the bait is. And I could see structure, even from the air, and I'd mark all that on paper maps.

Today, I don't do any of that. I've got it all electronically, so I can pull it up on my computer at home. I can pull it up on my Helix 12, right here in my boat, and look exactly where I want to go, look at all the details. So I still am old fashioned, and I still like to lay a big paper map out of Kentucky Lake or Barkley Lake, and I look at all these structure areas, and then I compare. And I can sometimes, and often do this, will make waypoints in my house or my hotel room before going on the water based on what I see on that map and what is on this map. And so maps are critical to showing you all that key structuring.

I talk to people who say, "I never use maps." I say, "You don't have a chip that you put into your computer or in your depth finder, where you can actually see the humps and the points and the bars?" "Nah, I just do it by feel." "Well, let me tell you something. You are missing the boat." That's like not having a GPS to get from point A to point B. Somebody gives you an address, and you write it down, and you start looking at mailboxes, streets, and try to figure out where you're at. I'd rather punch it in and let it lead me to the spot. So maps are critical.

Glenn: Mark, thanks so much for submitting that question. I hope that answers it. And for more tips and tricks, go and check out hankparker.com. There's lots of information on there. There's videos, there's articles, there's tips and tricks, all kinds of information you want to check out. And if you want to get notified of the next tips and tricks that we post, just subscribe to our channel. Thanks a lot, and have a great day.