Offshore vs. Shoreline Bass (Which Is Best)

Hank Parker's Fishing Tips

How do you decide whether the fish are on the banks or on offshore structure.  Hank Parker knows, and tells you in this video.



Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May here with I'm sitting in the boat here with Hank Parker doing another episode of "Hank Parker's Fishing Tips". Hank, this week's question, it comes from Steve from Greencastle, Indiana, and he wants to know, "How do you decide whether the fish are on the banks or on offshore structure, and what percentage of the time are you fishing offshore?"

Hank: Well, in many, many, many cases, Steve, they're both. They're on offshore structure and they're on the bank. I think there are some fish that relate to open water that may never come to the bank. They find some shallow areas in open water to spawn, and they may never come to the bank. And then, there's fish who live in deep water most of the time, but they come to the shore to spawn. So there are multiple situations where you catch fish on the shoreline or on deep water structure.

I like deep water structure. I like open water structure. I like all of that. It's less busy than fishing a shoreline. More novice anglers gravitate to the shoreline and less to the deep water, or open water, and when I say that, because lots of times, you're out in the wide open and it's not deep at all. You may be out there on a bar, it's only three or four foot deep out in the middle of the lake. So it's just open water fishing. And I spend a lot of time in the summer months, May through September, fishing open water structure, and I really like that. And I would say I spend half of my summertime fishing in open water structure.

Glenn: Great answer. Thanks for asking that question, Steve. I hope that answers it for you.

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