Why Using Polarized Glasses For Fishing is Best

Hank Parker's Fishing Tips

Why do fishermen use polarized sunglasses? What's the advantage? Hank Parker explains the reason why he uses polarized glasses for fishing.

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Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May here with BassResource.com, and welcome to another edition of Hank Parker's Fishing Tips. Hank, this question's really good. It's from Kyle from Edmonds, Washington, and he wants to know, what is the advantage of polarized fishing glasses?

Hank: Well Kyle, what a great question. It removes glare. It takes away that glare, and it allows you, because there is no glare, it allows you to see down in the water. But make no mistake, all polarized fishing glasses are not created equal. I've worn a lotta glasses, I've looked at a lotta glasses, I've helped design some glasses from a frame perspective as I have these glasses that I'm wearing. This is a Hank Parker model, Solar Bat. 

But the founder of Solar Bat is a fisherman, and he's also en eye doctor that has a lotta knowledge on what you're looking for in a lens to help you see fish better. And so it is really cool, these Solar Bats are the best glasses that I personally have ever worn.

But even with polarized lenses, to be able to see down in the water, you need this wrap around frame. Some people don't feel that they're as stylish when you have a wrap around frame, maybe not as cool looking. But I'm gonna tell you, you gotta block out all of that light. That is so critical, to block out that light, to allow you to be able to see down in the water.

But it's amazing when I do what I'm doing right here, looking through the glasses and lift how it removes that glare. And that is the key to polarized lenses over non-polarized. Very, very important when you're looking for fish, or even structure under the water.

Glenn: Absolutely. Great answer, Hank. Kyle, I hope that answers your question. And for more tips and tricks, head on over to hankparker.com and check out all the tips, and tricks, and articles that are on there. There's even videos for you to watch, lots of stuff there for you to take a look at. And if you wanna be notified of the next time we post one of these videos, just subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thanks for watching, and have a great day.