Fishing Solunar Times and Moon Times for Fishing | Moon Phases and Bass Fishing

Hank Parker's Fishing Tips

Do moon phases and solunar times affect fishing? Hank Parker gives his answer based upon experience from decades of tournament fishing during all solunar times.



Glenn: Hey folks! Glenn May here with and I'm here with Hank Parker sitting in his boat, doing our weekly fishing tips with questions that are submitted to Hank to answer for him right on this channel. This week, this question comes from Bill Playfoot, from Chatham, Ontario in Canada and he asks simply "Do moon times really help or is that just a confidence thing?"

Hank: Well, I'm going to tell you Bill that's a great question and all of these questions we've been answering now for several hours just a list of questions from all of you BassResource followers and subscribers... great, great questions and yes the moon Bill I think plays a big role.

I do think that that whole solunar table I think it's a lot of merit there, I never paid any attention to it because I didn't want it to mentally affect me and make me negative on a day that there was no minor feeding time, it was all negative or I didn't want to set my strategies based on a major. Because let me tell you, half of the fish that I catch as a fisherman are impulsed bites, they're not necessarily feeding fish so that fish may not be in an aggressive feeding mode, I'm around that spinnerbait up there and bump that stump and he's kind up there in the shade and I entice him as a predator in taking that bait.

So it doesn't have anything to do with him being aggressively feeding. I caught that fish when he really wasn't even thinking about feeding perhaps out of impulse.

So I try not to let all of the solunar information play a role in my mental outlook on fishing. People say "Well do you like to fish early, midnight or late?", I always say "Go early, stay 'til late and if it happens you'll be there," that's always my philosophy.

But if you're one of those guys that has that four letter word in your life, that three letter word I should say, that J-O-B, if you've got one of those and you want to base your most productive vacation time or time a day you can take off, it is definitely worthwhile to look at the solunar table and look for the majors and the minors, because I have seen over the years it does play out to be accurate.

Glenn: Well Bill, there's your answer, hope that helps. For more tips and tricks go to and check out all the tips and tricks on the videos that are posted there, and if you want to be notified the next time we post some of Hank's tips just subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thanks for watching and have a great day.