Club Profile: West Coast Christian Anglers

Club Profile: West Coast Christian Anglers The membership is small, made up of members from Ventura County, California, but the goal is huge.
West Coast Christian Anglers

Damian Hernandez said he was on the verge of quitting bass fishing one day when he simply asked God, "Do you want me to quit?"
   Fortunately, God's answer was, "no."
   Hernandez went on to start the West Coast Christian Anglers bass club.
   "I just felt God wanted me to do something more, and as it turned out that was right," said Hernandez, who is president of West Coast Christian Anglers.
   The club was incorporated in February 2004.
   A Christian-based club West Coast Christian holds six competitive tournaments each year, but the club is known more for its mission, which is as it should be Hernandez said. The membership is small, made up of members from Ventura County, California, but the goal is huge.
   "Yes, we want to use fishing as a way to spread the Gospel. In 2005 we began taking graduates of the Ventura Rescue Mission program fishing. This program is a nine-month recovery program for men with drug and alcohol problems.


   "Each month, we take graduates fishing at Lake Casitas. We give them a license, rods, reels, lures and everything. The results have been amazing. Some have never been in a boat before. The experience, the testimonies, it's life-changing," Hernandez said.
   "For many, it is the first time they have ever realized they could have fun without the dependencies."
   But West Coast Christian Anglers doesn't just take them fishing, they also offer anglers a chance to join the club. "Four of our present members came out of this mission and one is club chaplain," he said.
   West Coast conducts all of its mission work without the aid of sponsorships, relying solely on donations.
   In addition to its work with those from the Mission, the club also helps each spring with Kids Day at Lake Casidas. They cook for the 150 volunteers at this event, which is held in late March.

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