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About me:

Hello, I am an avid bass angler. I have been married to my wife for 7 years. I have four beautiful step daughters and one handsome son. We live in Northeast Lousiana. I love the outdoors ! Whether it is hunting, fishing or just working, I love being outside. I am a Christian and put God and family first !


I have been in sales my whole life. I have worked in both retail and wholesale. I now work for a multimillion dollar a year Buying coop. I buy/sell building materials and ship them to over two-hundred sixty five dealers in twelve states. My job requires me to have a wealth of product knowledge. As you can imagine there are thousands of different products in the building material industry. My customers depend on me to sell them a quality product at a competitive price, so that they can compete in the market place. My job requires a lot of enthusiasm to promote different products and perks that different companies offer. I absolutely love what I do !


I have been bass fishing for twenty years. It is something that I just fell in love with when I was young. I hope to get my kids to follow suit one day. I am on the water about ten days a month. I have been fishing bass tournaments for 2 years. I fish in clubs and the local tournament circuit. Last year I fished eight tournaments. I placed first three times and second once. I also won big bass in my second place finish. I am just looking to fish on a larger tournament scale than I am right now.

In closing:

I believe that I would be a great asset to your company. I love sales and know how to promote products. Sales takes a special kind of person. I am that person ! Selling a product takes product knowledge. I learn product information very quick. I have a very up beat personality and I make good relationships with customers and vendors . I would represent your company with the highest form of professionalism and enthusiasm.

Thank you and I look forward to working to promote your product.


Wackojig - Since being a sponsored by wackojig, I have been promoted to Pro staff position. I recently got a retail store to carry their product ! Pretty cool.

Fury custom rods

Bite It ! Baits

Contact info.

Email - ClayMcintyre31@yahoo.com

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This is just my .02 and you know what they say about opinions, so here it goes.

I might be nit picking, but I don't like to see the word I used too many times like I do this and I do that. By the career you have it's apparent you're an intelligent (might have just mispelled that one :) person so take a little more time to use sentence beginnings other than "I".

Also, be more specific about what tournaments you're going to fish and detail the bodies of water where your finishes were.

I think what you have is a good start, just needs a few details.

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