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Rules & FAQ's

Welcome to our forums! Since 1997, we have aspired to enable discussions amongst fishing fans to be held in an enjoyable and productive manner. In order to uphold and maintain these expectations, we have outlined and defined a code of conduct for the benefit of the members. In return of your membership privileges, we request that you familiarize yourselves with the policies and accept them with good intention.

Please keep in mind that different message boards have different sets of policies. Compliance with these policies is mandatory and the guidelines are recommended as they encourage appropriate behavior and were written with the intention of preventing potential conflicts from arising. 


Your first responsibility of membership is to read, understand and abide by these policies. These policies are designed to strike a balance between the main goal of our forums - providing information - and keeping the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere of our community which has made our site so popular.

Video Posting Policy
We encourage members to post videos of their fishing trips or those that teach fishing skills and answer questions on the forums. Sharing of information is encourage.  Promotional videos,however, are a privilege for BassResource partners only.

Content must fall in line with normal BassResource posting rules, outlined on this page. Specifically, you may not promote your own YouTube channel and videos, or solicit likes and subscribers. That means the "Hey come check out my channel/video!" posts are strictly prohibited.

Other prohibited examples are videos that promote or link to your site, your channel, your product, your company, your tournament, or your blog. Watermarks will be considered promotional.


It should not contain overt product promotion. (This does not include product placement. Obviously you're using a lure or fishing rod in the fishing video. It's ok to mention what equipment you are using so long as it doesn't sound like a commercial.)

This is a family site, so please keep it clean. Videos containing foul language, distasteful images, themes or topics will be deleted immediately.

Posting Policy - we have a very strict anti-spam policy
In essence, any and all promotional posts are prohibited. Even if you're not selling anything, posts can still be considered "promotional".  Any posts deemed promotional are subject to this rule - regardless of your affiliation (or lack thereof) with said product, company, website, etc.

For example:

  • Screen names should be your name or alias, but not a company name, slogan, or Facebook/Youtube/Instagram channel name.
  • Non-promotional logos, such as sport team logos, military affiliations, country flags, etc. are allowed for avatars. Company names, logos, or anything promotional in nature are not allowed. The avatar, signature and other profile areas are not free advertising space. Please do not post your logo, branding, etc. there. It will be deleted.
  • Don't use promotional language or images anywhere in your profile.
  • Don't put promotional content in the "About Me" section. It's not advertising space.
  • Don’t put a link to your own website or YouTube channel in your signature or or "About Me" section. (You may place it in the "Website" section of your profile, however.)
  • Don't link to your own articles, pod casts, videos, YouTube channel, etc, if they are promotional in nature.
  • Don't link to your own website or YouTube channel, except for the designated area in your profile.
  • Don’t promote your company or YouTube channel in posts.
  • Don’t send PM’s to our other members promoting your company or YouTube channel or asking them to promote your company. This will get back to us and we will send you packing.
  • Please read through the different forums and descriptions, and then select the appropriate forum before posting. Otherwise, your post will be moved and/or deleted!
  • We delete inflammatory, political, religious, derogatory, hateful and unsportsmanlike comments as well as comments endorsing illegal activity. Anyone posting such comments is subject to banishment. Political and religious comments in any form are prohibited. Read this for further details.


Don’t try to get around the spirit of this rule. Replying to a post (answering a question) does not give you permission to break these rules.

Again, anything deemed promotional in nature is subject to scrutiny. This is in response to the heavy spamming we once had, and you currently see on other message boards. Our advertising prices are some of the lowest in the business. Even the newest company can afford them. Contact us for more information.


Besides BassResource partners, exceptions are made for bass clubs that are 1) Non-profit AND 2) local (no state, regional, or national "clubs") AND are 3) posting about their club or club activities for members (e.g. postings for "Open" tournaments and other large-scale tournaments are not allowed). You must fulfill all 3 requirements to be granted an exception.


Do not send an e-mail, PM, or post about it to challenge or question these rules. It is not open to debate. If you are banned, you are not entitled to an explanation. Warnings are usually issued prior to banning. All decisions are final.


Using AI Generated Content

Generative AI refers to technology that can generate human-like text, images, or other media content using AI algorithms. Due to the legal concerns and ethics issues surrounding its use, AI Generated Content may not be posted on BassResource forums.

Why does the site or product name I posted show up as "another site" or as ***?
First it has nothing to do with competition. In most cases, it has something to do with the points above - site owners not abiding by the rules of the forum, or over-zealous pro-staffers spamming the forums. In some cases, however, the site owner specifically requested that we do not link to their site.


If your post contains ***, then that means you may not discuss that brand here.  Your post will likely be deleted, and you may get banned (see the next paragraph below).

The profanity filters.
This is a family site where kids visit. Please keep it clean. Veiled profanity is unacceptable. Please do not type around the filter by using dollar signs for an S or any similar method. The use of terms like 'F-in', 'OM*G', '**** this', or other abbreviations is considered just another form of avoiding the filters. This applies to any word that is blocked by the filters.

Deliberate attempts to circumvent the filters will be met with a suspension and/or a permanent ban.

We set a higher standard of conduct for our members than other sites. We expect you to treat others with respect. We ban anyone who is disrespectful, disruptive, caustic, or is otherwise rude and confrontational. We also reserve the right to ban anyone without warning or explanation.

Every registered member agrees upon registration not to use these forums to post material or topics which are knowingly false, defamatory, deceptive, inaccurate, racist, insulting, abusive, inflammatory, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually graphic or lewd, physically threatening, invasive of another's privacy or otherwise in violation of any law, including stalking or otherwise harassing individual members. If you respond to abusive speech (see above) with abusive speech, you lose your right to seek moderator intervention.

In addition, we delete political, religious, derogatory, hateful and unsportsmanlike comments. Anyone posting such comments is subject to banishment.

This IS your warning. If you are banned, you are not entitled to an explanation. You will not be allowed back. All decisions are final.

No religious or political posts, screen names, etc.
Political and religious comments in any form are prohibited. While we support the right of free speech, our forums are not here to support political parties or their initiatives, individual politicians, or any religious affiliation. We reserve the right to remove all posts that violate this policy without notice.

We are absolutely against any form of illegal fishing
and will not allow any such threads or posts advocating such activity. All such posts are deleted. In addition, any material or posting that advocates or discusses illegal activities, with or without the intent to commit them, is prohibited. This includes activities such as software and music piracy, and other intellectual property violations.


Do not violate copyright laws

All postings should obey copyright laws. If a member cites articles or information from other sources or areas of the Internet, a URL should be posted with no more than a small portion of the article's text. Such a practice provides credibility and attribution to the source of the information. Legally, the article copied from a website belongs to that particular website and pasting the full text in a posting is an infringement of copyright laws.

Explicit picture in posts and/or signatures and/or profile information is strictly forbidden.
Please recognize that these message boards are designed to be enjoyed by anglers from all walks of life. Use discretion and plan on erring on the side of caution in instances where material you are considering posting might be considered a violation of the code of conduct. Political and/or religious messages should also not be included in your signature. Remember that respect for your fellow members is the first rule of the code of conduct and that the majority of our traffic occurs during work, in public environments, and could be made by individuals under 18 years old. Neither explicit nor implicit content will be tolerated and will be grounds for an immediate loss of your membership privileges. This includes hardcore/softcore pornography, animated pictures, written language, etc. content. This rule is strictly enforced.

Each member is allowed one registered account.
Registering with multiple accounts is not allowed and all duplicate accounts will be immediately closed. Do not attempt to create additional registered accounts to bypass an issued ban, else all related accounts will be permanently closed as well.

Use discretion in selecting an appropriate username.
Lying about your identity, either by denying that you are an existing member under a different name is prohibited. Please also refrain from registering inappropriate user names, including, but not limited to, racial slurs, profanity and explicit or implicit vulgarity, else your membership will be revoked. Do not register a username with the intent of impersonating or assuming the identity of someone you are not. If you chose to register the name of a professional angler, fishing celebrity, media member or any other person that is not you, please register some variation of that person’s name. For example, do not register the user name “RayLewis.” Register “RayLewis52.”

That moderator was WRONG!
Users may not argue a moderators decision publicly. Moderators are appointed because they exemplify the characteristics, attitude and values consistent with the standards set for the site. They have been instructed to enforce the code of conduct and prevent the forums from clutter, while encouraging free expression, debate and discussion. While we do allow for a wide range of discussion, please refrain from unfounded charges of censorship or other moderator actions against a member on the grounds that the content was not of his opinion. Content will never be removed based on our own personal views or the validity of the opinion. As a member, you are entitled to form an opinion in opposition of the staff of BassResource.com; however, it must not violate the code of conduct. We reserve the right to remove posts in violation without notice.

Moderators issue warnings for violations of the Forum Code of Conduct via personal messages (PM) and e-mail. When a formal warning is issued, it will be indicated on your Warn Status bar. Click on Warn Status to see what violation a warning was issued for. Additional information regarding the violation will be sent to you via PM or e-mail. To discuss a warning or violation with the issuing moderator, reply via the PM or e-mail sent to you. Do not discuss warnings or violations in an open forum.

We also reserve the right to take punitive action, up to and including permanent closure of the account, against any member who does not abide by the code of conduct. While the code of conduct covers most common situations, we reserve the right to take any action we deem appropriate to ensure these forums are not disrupted or abused and continue to facilitate discussion among members.

Any and all complaints directed at a moderator must first address the moderator in question via PM. If the problem cannot be resolved, then the moderator and user must send their positions to the forum admin. The forum admin will make a ruling. All decisions are final.

What You Can Do To Help
Although the Moderator Team is committed to upholding the code of conduct at all times, due to the number of members participating and the high volume of traffic, it is impossible for us to view every posted message. Therefore, our staff has empowered the general membership with the ability to assist our staff by calling potential violations to our attention.

One way users can help in the moderation of the BassResource.com Forums is to use the Forums' Reputation system. Beside each post are green plus and red minus buttons. The use of these buttons is intended for instances in which you feel a user's comment is intelligent, well-thought out, original or interesting (a "+" rating) or, if you feel a particular post breaks a rule listed in the Code of Conduct (spam, foul language, personal attacks, etc.) or does not constructively contribute to the overall discussion (a "-" rating). Users are limited to giving one rating per post.

Users are limited to giving 50 "plus" ratings and 2 "negative" ratings in a 24-hour period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before posting a question Please click the search tab and try searching for your answer first. You'll get your answer faster, or get enough information to formulate a more refined question.


How do I change my screen name (user name)?

  1. Click your name on the upper left
  2. Then click "Account Settings" from the dropdown menu
  3. You'll see "Display Name" at the top of the page. Click "Change" next to it.
  4. Enter your new name, then click "Save".
  5. Note you can only change your name a few times per month, and moderators can see all your previous names.

Why was my post deleted?
Before assuming your post was deleted, assume it was moved (even if you don't see a "moved" notice - we often remove those notices after moving a post). So, please click around the different boards and look for your post.
   If, after checking through the different forums and you're absolutely certain your post was deleted, it was removed because we delete inflammatory, political, religious, derogatory, hateful and unsportsmanlike comments as well as comments endorsing illegal activity.  Anyone posting such comments is subject to banishment.  Political and religious comments in any form are prohibited.

I posted duplicates that my mobile phone did by accident. How do I remove them?
We automatically remove duplicates as soon as we discover them.

I can’t “like” certain posts/some of my “likes” were removed.
You cannot “like” your own posts.  They are automatically blocked.

How can I stop posts from automatically merging?
This is a feature to help clean up threads and reduce scrolling.  But if you insist to thwart the auto-merge, wait 5 mins, then post. 

Flea Market Posts - why do I get an error when I try to view a post? Where did that "for sale" post go?
Once an item is sold, the post is removed.

Can I post non-fishing items for sale in the Flea Market?
Yes, so long as the post follows the Flea Market terms of service.


I can't post a picture. It says the size is too large.
You need to use a photo editing program like Adobe Photoshop, or whatever your computer comes with, and go to resize image. You may want to crop it for your avatar. Once you do that you can post any picture.

You can also use Pic Resize (https://picresize.com/)  You just need to locate the picture on your PC, and it's simple from there.

For mobile devices, get the app Image Shrink Lite for Android and iOS.

The pictures I post are sideways
Upload them to the Gallery. You can then turn them, and embed them in your posts, or use them as your avatar

What does "0 Warning Points" mean?
Warning points here are a bad thing to have. If you have them, It means you have done something against the forums rules to warrant getting either a warning or a suspension. 0 is the best number to have! (Note that only YOU can see your own warning points. Nobody else can see them, and you cannot view other member's warning points.)

How do I remove a hook a bass has swallowed?
You'll find detailed instructions here (click this link): How do I remove a hook a bass has swallowed?

Who or What is The Bait Monkey?

Here's your answer: (click this link) Who is the bait monkey?

Can I post about my/our tournament?
Please see the top of this page for our policy. You may post your tournament dates on the calendar, but that is all, unless you are a non-profit local bass club per the definition at the top of this page. Exceptions can only be made by the admin.

How do I change my password/email/personal quote/ etc?
Click your name at the top right of the screen, then click "profile", then click "Edit profile". There, you will see everything about you - password, personal quote, email, etc. - all of which you can change/alter. Just make the changes and click "Save" at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Can Glenn send me, or change my password?
I'm sorry, I have no access to your password. It's a security measure for your protection. To learn how to retrieve your password, please click the forgot password link on the login screen.

Why does it say "Fry” or “Minnow" under my name?
Those names are referring to the number of posts you've made on the forums. It breaks down like this:
0-10 = Fry
11-124 = Minnow
125-249 = Dink
250-499 = Short Fish
500-999 = Keeper
1000-1999 = Kicker
2000-3999 = Big 'un
4000-7999 = Hawg
8000+ = Double Digit
These are simply references for you to help identify how often a member posts messages. They are NOT status symbols. Frivolous posts designed to add to one's post count will be removed.

I want to become a pro fisherman. How do I start my career?
The following articles will get you started down the right path. Follow the links at the bottom of each page for even more information.
The Allure of Fishing
So You Want To Fish For A Living?
Getting Started in Tournaments
Moving Up The Ladder
Choosing Tournaments
So You Want To Turn Pro?
Chasing That Dream Career
You Gotta Love It
Fishing Economics 101
So You Want To Be A Bass Pro?
From Federation to the Pros

How do I get sponsors?
Being a good tournament angler simply isn't enough. Good tournament anglers are a dime a dozen, and most sponsors receive dozens of resumes from them every week. However, if you keep in mind the bass fishing industry is a business in need of salesmen, you'll go far. Companies are not just looking for patch-wearing tournament anglers; they are looking for consultants-anglers who can act as a liaison between customer and company. Forget the resume and focus on getting their attention in other ways. The following articles will tell you how.
Acquiring Sponsorships
Bass Sponsorship 101
So You Want To Turn Pro?
Sponsorship Workshop
Sponsorship: The Ins and Outs Pt. I
Sponsorship: The Ins and Outs Pt. II - Initial Contact
Sponsorship: The Ins and Outs Pt. III - Acceptance
Sponsorship - It's not about YOU!
The Million Dollar Question
The Hard Truth About Sponsorship
The Fishing Industry and Sponsorship
Fishing Resumes Versus Proposals

Is there a BR app?
In most cases, the forums can be browsed from a mobile device just like a desktop browser. The forums will adjust to fit your mobile device.

If you're looking for an app download, please read the following threads:

Can I promote my products or website?
These forums are commercial and spam free. If you are a website or product owner, or run a tournament circuit and want to advertise on BassResource.com, please contact us. We have a variety of options available for nearly every budget. We appreciate your participation and advice on the message boards. But please, these forums are not the place to post advertisements or promotions. The avatar, signature and other profile areas are not free advertising space either. Please do not post your logo, branding, etc. there. It will be deleted and you will be banned.

Please do not send an IM or e-mail to the admin or moderators to challenge these rules. It is not open to debate.

That said, you may have noticed a promotion or two in the forums and wondered why they haven’t been deleted. These are posts made by businesses who currently advertise on BassResource.com, or by writers who regularly contribute to BassResource.com. In order to keep the forums clean of spam, we need to limit those who can post promotions in the forums. Limiting it to these cases accomplishes this. We feel they deserve the privilege since they are supporting this site.

Why does the site or product name I posted show up as "another site" or as ***?
First it has nothing to do with competition. In most cases, it has something to do with the bullet point above - site owners not abiding by the rules of the forum, or over-zealous pro-staffers spamming the forums. In some cases, however, the site owner specifically requested that we do not link to their site.

I have a question about the Kicktail, Banjo Minnow, Doug Hannon Snake, Walking Worm lures, or the North American Fishing club
Do a search on the name. There's plenty of posts about it, which will answer your question.

I have a dispute with 'company X'. Can I post about it here?
While we can empathize with your frustration, the best course of action is deal directly with the company. Escalate it up the ladder, file a grievance with PayPal or Ebay (if they were involved with the transaction). File a mail fraud complaint with the post office. There are other options, but attacking the company in a public forum is not appropriate nor allowed. Such posts will be removed.

Ok, enough dribble. Go forth and enjoy the forums! But please remember - this is a family site. Keep it clean please!

If you're looking for the site FAQ's, Here They Are.

The code of conduct has been implemented with the best interest of the community in mind. We thank you for your attention and cooperation in learning and respecting the rules, and we look forward to your participation on the boards.

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